How to Remove the Free U2 Album from Your iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing the free U2 album from your iPhone is a straightforward process. Navigate to the Music app, find the U2 album, swipe left, and delete. Alternatively, hide the purchase from your iTunes account or use Apple’s dedicated removal page if the album is not showing up.

After completing this action, the album will no longer appear in your music library or purchase history, freeing up space and decluttering your collection.


Back in 2014, Apple decided to gift every iTunes user with a free copy of U2’s album “Songs of Innocence.” While the intention was to treat customers, not everyone was thrilled. Many users found the album automatically downloaded to their devices without consent, leading to frustration and confusion. As a result, Apple was prompted to create a simple process for users to remove the album from their accounts.

If you’re one of those individuals who never quite acquired a taste for U2, or you simply prefer to keep your music library strictly curated, then this article is for you. We’ll walk you through the steps to remove the album from your iPhone and ensure it doesn’t return. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll find this guide useful in taking back control of your music library.

Step by Step Tutorial to Remove the U2 Album

The following steps will guide you through the process of removing the free U2 album from your iPhone.

Step 1: Open the Music app

Launch the Music app on your iPhone.

In the Music app, navigate to the “Albums” or “Artists” section to locate the U2 album. If you’ve never downloaded the album, it may not appear outright. In this case, check if your settings allow for showing all music, not just the downloaded tracks.

Step 2: Delete the album

Swipe left on the U2 album and tap “Delete.”

Swiping left on the album brings up the delete option. Tapping on this will remove the album from your library. If you have downloaded the album to your device, this action will also free up storage space.

Step 3: Hide the purchase

Go to your iTunes account and hide the U2 album from your purchase history.

If you want to ensure the album doesn’t reappear, you can hide it from your purchase history. Go to the iTunes Store, navigate to your account settings, find the album in your purchase history, and select the option to hide it.

Step 4: Use Apple’s removal tool

For a permanent solution, use Apple’s dedicated U2 album removal page.

Apple has set up a special page for those who want to remove “Songs of Innocence” from their accounts entirely. Visit the page, sign in with your Apple ID, and confirm the removal. This action will prevent the album from showing up in the future.


Frees up spaceRemoving the album can free up valuable storage space on your device, especially for those with a 16GB iPhone.
Customized libraryBy removing the album, you maintain control over your music library’s content, ensuring it only contains music you enjoy.
Prevents auto-downloadsOnce hidden or removed, the album will no longer automatically download to any of your devices, saving data and avoiding unwanted clutter.


Requires manual actionUsers need to take the time to remove or hide the album, which might be an inconvenience.
Not a common knowledgeNot everyone is aware that Apple has provided a way to remove the album, meaning some users may be living with unwanted U2 songs.
Potential issues with iCloudHiding the album from purchase history could potentially cause confusion with iCloud Music Library if not done correctly.

Additional Information

Removing the U2 album may seem like a small thing, but for many users, it’s a matter of principle. The automatic addition of the album to user libraries sparked debates about digital consent and the boundaries of corporate promotions. While the album is no longer automatically added to iTunes accounts today, the incident has left a lasting impression on how tech companies approach such promotions.

If you’re planning to remove the U2 album from your iPhone, it’s also worth considering backing up your device beforehand. This ensures that any other data is safe in case of a mishap. Furthermore, if you have multiple Apple devices, you’ll need to remove or hide the album on each one individually.

Remember, if the album doesn’t bother you, or you’ve grown to like it, there’s no harm in keeping it around. The removal process is entirely optional and can be reversed by un-hiding the album from your purchase history if you change your mind.


  1. Open the Music app.
  2. Swipe left on the U2 album and tap “Delete”.
  3. Hide the album in your iTunes account to prevent it from reappearing.
  4. Use Apple’s dedicated removal tool for a permanent solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the U2 album doesn’t show up in my library?

If you can’t see the album, ensure your Music app settings are set to show all music, not just downloaded tracks.

Can I get the album back after deleting it?

Yes, you can unhide the album in your iTunes account if you change your mind later.

Does removing the U2 album affect my other music?

No, removing the U2 album will not affect any other content in your music library.

Will deleting the album free up space on my device?

Yes, if you have downloaded the album, removing it will free up storage space on your iPhone.

What if I have multiple Apple devices?

You’ll need to remove or hide the album on each device individually to ensure it doesn’t reappear.


In today’s digital age, having control over the content that appears on our devices is more important than ever. While Apple’s U2 album giveaway was a generous gesture, it also raised important questions about user consent and preferences. Thankfully, removing unwanted content like the free U2 album from your iPhone is a simple process that anyone can do.

Whether you’re doing it to free up space, curate your music library, or simply because you’re not a fan of the band, the power is in your hands. So go ahead, take control of your music library, and keep it filled with the tunes you love.