How to Pin a Window on Top Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Pin a Window on Top in Windows 11

Pinning a window on top in Windows 11 is super easy and incredibly useful. This feature allows you to keep a specific window (like a calculator or a video call) always on top of other windows. To do this, you’ll need a third-party app since Windows 11 doesn’t have a built-in feature for pinning windows on top.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Pin a Window on Top in Windows 11

This step-by-step guide will show you how to pin a window on top using a third-party tool called Microsoft PowerToys. It’s a handy tool with many features, including the ability to pin windows on top.

Step 1: Download Microsoft PowerToys

First, you need to download Microsoft PowerToys from the official GitHub page.

PowerToys is a utility developed by Microsoft that offers many useful features. To get it, go to the Microsoft PowerToys GitHub page and download the latest release.

Step 2: Install PowerToys

After downloading, install the PowerToys application on your computer.

Run the installer file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s a straightforward process, much like installing any other software.

Step 3: Open PowerToys

Once installed, open PowerToys from the Start menu or by clicking the PowerToys icon on your desktop.

When you open PowerToys, you’ll see a plethora of features. We’re focusing on the "Always on Top" feature.

Step 4: Enable "Always on Top"

Navigate to the "Always on Top" option in the PowerToys menu and turn it on.

Find the "Always on Top" section in the left sidebar. Click on it and toggle the switch to enable it. This will allow you to pin windows on top of others.

Step 5: Pin Your Desired Window

Simply press the shortcut keys (usually Windows + Ctrl + T) to pin any active window on top.

Open the window you want to keep on top, then press Windows + Ctrl + T. You’ll see a visual indicator that the window is now pinned.

After completing these steps, the window you selected will stay on top of all other windows, making multitasking a breeze.

Tips for Pinning a Window on Top in Windows 11

  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Familiarize yourself with the Windows + Ctrl + T shortcut to quickly pin and unpin windows.
  • Customize Shortcuts: You can change the default shortcuts in the PowerToys settings if you find it inconvenient.
  • Experiment with Other PowerToys Features: PowerToys has many other useful tools like FancyZones for window management.
  • Frequent Updates: Keep PowerToys updated to enjoy new features and improvements.
  • Keep It Lightweight: Although PowerToys is versatile, only enable features you need to keep your system running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is PowerToys safe to use?

Yes, Microsoft PowerToys is safe and developed by Microsoft, ensuring it meets high security standards.

Can I pin multiple windows at a time?

Yes, you can pin multiple windows. Each pinned window will stay on top of others.

Does this feature work with all applications?

Most applications should work with this feature, but some specialized applications might have compatibility issues.

Can I unpin a window?

Absolutely, press the same shortcut (Windows + Ctrl + T) to unpin the window.

Do I need administrative privileges to install PowerToys?

Yes, you need administrative privileges to install PowerToys.


  1. Download Microsoft PowerToys.
  2. Install PowerToys.
  3. Open PowerToys.
  4. Enable "Always on Top."
  5. Press Windows + Ctrl + T to pin your window.


Pinning a window on top in Windows 11 is a fantastic way to stay organized and increase productivity. While Windows doesn’t have this feature built-in, using Microsoft PowerToys is a simple workaround. Once you’ve got PowerToys installed and set up, you’ll find it easier to manage multiple tasks and keep essential windows in your line of sight.

If you found this guide helpful, consider exploring more features in PowerToys or other Windows 11 tips and tricks. Don’t hesitate to share this article with friends who might benefit from keeping their windows pinned on top. Happy multitasking!