How to Download WeChat Video: A Step-by-Step Guide

Downloading a WeChat video is a breeze if you know the right steps. In just a few clicks, you can save that funny dog video or an important message from a friend right to your phone or computer. No tech wizardry needed, just follow these simple instructions and you’ll have that video in no time.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Download WeChat Video

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re about to do. Following these instructions will help you save a video from a WeChat chat onto your device. Whether you’re doing this for personal safekeeping or to share with someone not on WeChat, these steps got you covered.

Step 1: Open the WeChat Video

Open the chat where the video is located.

When you find the video you want to download, make sure to play it first. This ensures that the video is completely loaded, which makes the downloading process smoother.

Step 2: Long Press on the Video

Hold down your finger on the video until options appear.

A few options will pop up when you long-press. For iPhones, you might see “Save Video” or “Favorite,” and for Android, it could be “Save to Phone” or “Save to Gallery.”

Step 3: Save the Video

Tap on the “Save” option to download the video to your device.

Once you tap “Save,” the video will begin downloading to your phone’s gallery or camera roll. If you’re on a computer, it will download to your designated downloads folder or you can choose where to save it.

After completing these steps, the video will be safely stored on your device. You can view it anytime, even without internet access, and share it outside of WeChat as you please.

Tips for Downloading WeChat Video

  • Make sure your WeChat app is updated to the latest version for a smoother experience.
  • Ensure you have enough storage space on your device before downloading the video.
  • If the video doesn’t download, try restarting the app and following the steps again.
  • Remember that downloading someone’s video without their permission may violate their privacy.
  • For longer videos, be patient as it may take a bit more time to download completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download a WeChat video on my computer?

Yes, you can download WeChat videos on your computer by accessing WeChat through the web interface.

What if the “Save” option doesn’t appear?

Make sure the video is fully loaded by playing it first. If it still doesn’t appear, check if your app needs an update.

Can I download a video from a group chat?

Absolutely! The process is the same as downloading a video from a private chat.

Is it possible to download videos in HD quality?

The quality of the downloaded video will be the same as it appears on WeChat.

Will the person know I downloaded their video?

WeChat does not notify the sender when someone downloads a video, so they won’t know.


  1. Open the WeChat video.
  2. Long press on the video.
  3. Save the video to your device.


There you have it—downloading a video from WeChat is straightforward and does not require any complex skills. Just a few taps and you’re set to save those precious memories or important messages. Remember to always respect the privacy of the original poster and only download videos that you have permission to save. With these steps and tips, you can now keep your favorite WeChat videos with you forever. So go ahead, give it a try and start building your personal collection of WeChat videos today!

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