How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live: A Guide for Android & iPhone Users

To hide chat on TikTok Live for Android and iPhone, simply tap on the three dots icon while on live, then select “Hide comments” or swipe right on the screen. Your live video will continue without chat messages appearing on the screen.

After hiding the chat on TikTok Live, you’ll be able to focus more on the content of the live video without distractions from the comments. However, keep in mind that this action will prevent you from engaging with your viewers through chat.


TikTok Live is an amazing way to connect with your audience in real-time. Whether you’re a creator showcasing your talents or just hanging out, the chat feature allows for instant interaction. But sometimes, you might want to go live without the constant stream of comments. Maybe you’d like to keep the focus on your content or you simply want to avoid any negativity.

Whatever the reason, knowing how to hide chat on TikTok Live can be a handy trick for both Android and iPhone users. This article will guide you through the process of disabling chat and discuss the implications of doing so.

Step-by-step Tutorial on How to Hide Chat on TikTok Live

Before we dive into the steps, it’s important to note that hiding chat will not turn off the feature for viewers. They can still send comments, but you won’t see them on your screen.

Step 1: Open TikTok Live

Start your live video as you normally would on the TikTok app.

Step 2: Tap on the Three Dots Icon

During your live video, tap on the three dots icon to access more options.

This will bring up a menu with various controls for your live stream.

Step 3: Select “Hide comments” or Swipe Right

From the menu, select “Hide comments” to disable the chat. Alternatively, you can simply swipe right on the screen to hide comments.

Once you select this option, the chat will be hidden from your view, offering a cleaner screen while you live stream.


Focus on ContentHiding chat allows you to concentrate on presenting your live content without distractions from the rolling comments.
Avoid NegativityUnfortunately, not all comments are positive. By hiding chat, you can avoid dealing with negative or inappropriate remarks during your live session.
Surprise ElementIf you’re planning a reveal or a surprise during your live, hiding chat can ensure your viewers’ reactions don’t spoil the moment before it happens.


Reduced InteractionOne of the joys of TikTok Live is interacting with viewers. Hiding chat may lessen the sense of community and engagement.
Missed FeedbackReal-time comments can offer valuable feedback. Without chat, you may miss out on this instant connection with your audience.
Potential for ConfusionViewers may get confused if they see that their comments are not being acknowledged, potentially leading to a drop in engagement.

Additional Information

Hiding chat on TikTok Live is a simple yet effective way to control your broadcasting experience. Whether you’re using an Android device or an iPhone, the process is essentially the same, ensuring a user-friendly experience across platforms. Remember, even though you won’t see the comments, your viewers can still send them. If you’re working with a team, having someone else monitor the chat can be a great way to stay engaged without having it on your screen.

Also, consider your audience before deciding to hide chat; if your live streams are known for viewer interaction, suddenly removing this feature might disappoint your followers. Lastly, don’t forget that TikTok Live is a live performance; anything can happen, so be prepared and enjoy the ride!


  1. Open TikTok and start your live video.
  2. Tap on the three dots icon for more options.
  3. Select “Hide comments” or swipe right to hide the chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can viewers still comment if I hide chat on TikTok Live?

Yes, viewers can still send comments, but you won’t see them on your screen.

Will hiding chat affect my live stream’s performance or reach?

Hiding chat does not directly affect the performance or the reach of your live stream.

Is it possible to unhide chat during a live session?

Yes, you can unhide chat by tapping the three dots icon again and selecting “Show comments” or swiping left.

Can I hide chat on TikTok Live before starting the live video?

No, you can only hide chat after you have started your live video.

Will hiding chat on TikTok Live also hide it for replay viewers?

No, hiding chat only affects your view during the live stream. Replay viewers will see comments as usual.


Mastering the art of hiding chat on TikTok Live can enhance your live streaming experience, whether you use an Android or an iPhone. It gives you control over your broadcast environment, allowing you to focus on your content, avoid negativity, or keep a surprise under wraps. However, consider the potential downsides, such as reduced interaction and missed feedback, before making chat invisible.

TikTok Live is a dynamic platform that thrives on viewer engagement, so use the hide chat feature wisely to maintain a balance between personal comfort and audience connection. Happy streaming!