How to Change Alexa Wake Word: A Simple Guide for Customizing Commands

Changing Alexa’s wake word is a breeze, and this article will guide you through the process step-by-step. By following these simple steps, you can customize your Alexa device to respond to a different wake word of your choice, such as "Echo," "Amazon," or "Computer." Let’s dive in!

How to Change Alexa Wake Word

In this section, you’ll learn how to change the wake word for your Alexa device. By the end of these steps, your Alexa will respond to a new name, making it feel more personalized.

Step 1: Open the Alexa App

First, open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

Make sure your device is connected to the internet, as the app needs to communicate with your Alexa device to make changes.

Step 2: Go to Devices

Next, tap on the "Devices" icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

This section allows you to see all the Alexa devices linked to your account.

Step 3: Select Your Device

Choose the Alexa device you want to change the wake word for by tapping on its name.

Ensure you select the correct device, especially if you have multiple Alexa devices in your home.

Step 4: Access Device Settings

Tap on the "Settings" icon (gear icon) located on the top right corner of the device screen.

Here, you will find various options to customize your device, including the wake word.

Step 5: Choose Wake Word

Scroll down and tap on "Wake Word" to open the wake word options.

You’ll see a list of alternative wake words you can choose from, like "Echo," "Amazon," and "Computer."

Step 6: Select a New Wake Word

Select your preferred wake word from the list.

After selecting, wait a few moments for the change to be applied to your device.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Alexa device will respond to the new wake word you selected. It’s as easy as that!

Tips for Changing Alexa Wake Word

  • Make sure your Alexa app is updated to the latest version for the best performance.
  • Choose a wake word that isn’t commonly used in your household to avoid accidental activations.
  • Remember that the wake word change applies only to the specific device you selected.
  • If your Alexa doesn’t respond to the new wake word immediately, give it a minute to process the change.
  • You can switch back to "Alexa" or try a different wake word anytime by repeating these steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create a custom wake word for Alexa?

Unfortunately, Alexa currently only allows you to choose from a set list of wake words: "Alexa," "Echo," "Amazon," and "Computer."

How do I know if the wake word change was successful?

You can test it by saying the new wake word followed by a command. If Alexa responds, the change was successful.

Why isn’t my Alexa responding to the new wake word?

Ensure you selected the correct device and gave it some time to process the change. Try restarting your Alexa device if the issue persists.

Can I change the wake word for all my devices at once?

No, you must change the wake word individually for each device.

Will changing the wake word affect my Alexa routines and skills?

No, changing the wake word will not affect any routines or skills associated with your Alexa device.


  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Go to Devices.
  3. Select Your Device.
  4. Access Device Settings.
  5. Choose Wake Word.
  6. Select a New Wake Word.


Customizing your Alexa device by changing its wake word is a quick and easy way to personalize your smart home experience. Whether you prefer "Echo," "Amazon," or "Computer," switching up the wake word can help reduce accidental activations and make interacting with your device more enjoyable. Remember, you can always revert to the default "Alexa" or try another option if you change your mind. With these simple steps, you’ve taken control of your Alexa experience. For further reading, you might want to explore other customization options available in the Alexa app. Keep experimenting to make the most of your smart assistant!