How to Combine Apps Into Folders on the iPad 2

You may have noticed other people’s iPhones or iPads and seen unusual looking icons that contained multiple apps. In fact, there is even a utilities folder that is on the iPhone 5 by default. If you are a Windows or Mac OS X user, then you are certainly aware of how helpful folders can be in organizing and sorting files. Therefore, it would make sense that using folders to organize an excessive number of app icons on your iPad would be a good idea. Unfortunately the process for creating these folders is not very obvious, so it can be difficult to learn how to do. So read below to learn the process necessary to combine your iPad 2 apps into folders.

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Create App Folders on the iPad 2


Part of the reason for the confusion in this process is because you may be used to creating the folder first, then adding your files to the folder. The method for creating app folders on the iPad 2 is a little different, as the folder creates itself when you attempt to combine multiple icons. Check out the steps and scample screenshots below to learn how to make your own app folders on your iPad 2.


Step 1: Tap and hold one of the icons that you want to include in the app folder until it shakes and a small x appears in the top-left corner.

Tap and hold an app icon until it shakes
Tap and hold an app icon until it shakes



Step 2: Drag your desired icon on top of another icon that you want to include in the folder.

Drag the app icon on top of another icon until a folder is created
Drag the app icon on top of another icon until a folder is created



When the app you are dragging is positioned correctly, the folder will create itself, as in the image below.




You can then continue dragging other apps into this folder until you are done. Additionally, while the iPad will automatically create a name for the folder, you can tap inside the name field and enter a folder name of oyur own choosing.

Once the folder has been configured correctly, simply press the Home button at the bottom of your iPad to stop the apps from shaking and return to normal use mode.


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