how to open a page in internet explorer from microsoft edge

How to Open a Page in Internet Explorer from Microsoft Edge

While Microsoft Edge is a great browser that improves on Internet Explorer in a lot of ways, it’s possible that you might encounter a situation where you want to use IE instead of Edge. While you may have tried simply copying an address and then launching Internet Explorer separately, there is actually a way for … Read more

how to enable the favorites bar in microsoft edge

How to Turn on Favorites Bar in Edge or Android

Have you started to use bookmarks and favorites in Microsoft Edge, but now you are looking for a way to make them more accessible? One way that you can accomplish this is to turn on the Microsoft Edge favorite bar. This is a row with clickable links for your web page favorites so that you … Read more

how to disable adobe flash player in microsoft edge

How to Disable Adobe Flash Player in Microsoft Edge

Adobe Flash Player has long been a part of the online ecosystem, and it’s been used by a lot of websites to give you the content that you view on those sites. But Flash Player has also been a source of some unwanted behavior on computers as well and, if you have been subject to … Read more

how to bookmark a page in microsoft edge

How to Bookmark a Web Page in Microsoft Edge

When you start using the Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows computer, it might be a bit of a change. Whether you are used to Internet Explorer or a third-party option like Chrome or Firefox, things are going to be a little different. One item that you might be trying to figure out is how … Read more

how to start private browsing in microsoft edge

How to Start a Private Browsing Session in Microsoft Edge

Almost every major Web browser on a desktop, laptop, or smartphone will include an option for private browsing. Whether you want to visit a website without being signed into an account for that site, or you want to do some Web browsing that won’t be visible to anyone with access to your device and your … Read more