microsoft edge how to set tabs aside

How to Set Tabs Aside in Microsoft Edge

Do you often find that you have a lot of browser tabs open when you use Microsoft Edge? Maybe you sometimes have so many open that you don’t get a chance to read everything, but you know that you want to come back to that information again in the future. It might become cumbersome if … Read more

how to bookmark a page in microsoft edge

How to Bookmark a Web Page in Microsoft Edge

Bookmarking Web pages has been an important element of navigating the Internet for a while. While it’s helpful to keep a few core websites memorized, it can be difficult to remember everything, or know the exact search term that you used to find a page. Fortunately Microsoft Edge has the ability to create bookmarks, which … Read more

how to delete browsing data in microsoft edge

How to Clear Browsing Data in Microsoft Edge

Saved data in your Web browser is often the causes of issues that you are experiencing when you browse the Internet. In fact, it’s so common that most troubleshooting guides involving Web browsers will typically ask you to clear your data so that you can start over fresh. The method for clearing this data varies … Read more