How to Remove Signature from Gmail

Including a signature on your email account provides a simple and convenient way for you to give your email recipients important information. Whether this is your address, phone number, website, or social media accounts, having that information be added automatically to your composed messages can be very helpful. But you may find that you no … Read more

How to Delete Multiple Slides in Google Slides

Presentations that you create for school or work can undergo a significant amount of changes and editing. This is usually multiplied when you are working with a group. So it’s entirely possible that you might need to change slides that you have already created, and it’s also possible that you might even need to delete … Read more

how to skip a slide in google slides

How to Hide a Slide in Google Slides

Microsoft Powerpoint was the standard when it came to creating presentations for a long time, and includes a number of features that many people have come to rely upon. Now that Google Slides is increasing in popularity, many Powerpoint users are trying it out, but wondering where some of their more commonly-used tools and options … Read more

How to Insert a Textbox in Google Docs

Text boxes have long been a part of Office applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and they have been included in Google’s versions of these applications as well. But if you are familiar with adding textboxes in Microsoft products, then doing so in Google Docs might be a bit of a change, because the … Read more