how to lock a row in Google Sheets

How to Lock a Row in Google Sheets

Have you ever been working a spreadsheet that someone else created, only to notice that the top row on the sheet wasn’t moving as you scrolled down? The ability to lock the row in place like this is very helpful, especially when you have large spreadsheets with similar types of data. Google Sheets shares many … Read more

how to flip or mirror a Google Docs image

How to Flip an Image in Google Docs

If you’ve ever added an image to a document before, then you have probably encountered a situation where the image is facing the wrong way. It might be upside down, or it could be “mirrored”, meaning that an object in the image is facing right when it should be facing left, or vice versa. One … Read more

first option for how to delete a slide in google slides

How to Delete a Slide on Google Slides

Formatting a presentation in Google Slides can often require you to add a text box or insert an image, but it can also require you to organize the layout of the slides within the presentation. This could require you to add a new slide, but you may be wondering how to delete a slide on … Read more