What Version of iOS is On My iPhone?

Apple is constantly updating their iOS software, as they continuously innovate new features and fix problems that exist with earlier versions of the software. But your iPhone will not update automatically, and you may often find that you cannot install an iOS update if you do not have enough storage space on your device, or if your iPhone model is not compatible with an update.

So if you want to be able to perform an action on your iPhone and find that you are unable to do so, then the first thing you should check is which version of iOS introduced that option, and if the iOS version on your iPhone is high enough to include it. Our guide below will show you how to check the iOS version on your iPhone.


How to Check the iOS Version on an iPhone

Device: iPhone 6 Plus

Software Version: iOS 9.0.2

The exact method for checking the iOS version on your iPhone can vary slightly depending upon which version of iOS is installed on your device. If these steps do not work on your device, then you may be running an older version of iOS.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. open settings



  3. Scroll down and tap the General option.
  4. open general



  5. Tap the About button at the top of the screen.
  6. select about



  7. Locate the Version option on this menu. Your iOS version is displayed to the right of it. For example, the iPhone in the image below is running iOS version 9.0.2.

find ios version



Certain features and settings are only available in certain versions of iOS. For example, Apple Music is not available on iPhones that are running iOS versions lower that 8.4.


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