How to Translate from English to Afrikaans in Word: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to translate from english to afrikaans in word

Need to translate a document from English to Afrikaans in Microsoft Word? It’s easier than you might think! With a few clicks, you can convert your text into another language. This guide will walk you through the steps to get it done quickly and accurately. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

How to Translate from English to Afrikaans in Word

This section will walk you through the steps to translate your document from English to Afrikaans using Microsoft Word. Follow these instructions to make the magic happen!

Step 1: Open Your Document

First, open the Word document you want to translate.

You can either double-click the document file or open Word and use the "File" menu to locate and open your document. Make sure the document is saved on your computer.

Step 2: Select the Text

Next, highlight the text you want to translate.

Click and drag your mouse over the text, or press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all the text in the document. This helps Word know exactly what you want to translate.

Step 3: Go to the Review Tab

Find the Review tab on the toolbar at the top of Word.

Click on "Review" to display a set of tools designed for reviewing and editing documents. This is where you’ll find the translation options.

Step 4: Click on Translate

In the Review tab, look for the "Translate" option.

Clicking on this will open a menu with several language options. Choose "Translate Document" if you want to translate the whole document, or "Translate Selected Text" for only the highlighted part.

Step 5: Choose the Language

A sidebar will appear, asking you to choose the language.

Select "Afrikaans" from the dropdown menu. Word will show you a preview of the translated text on the right side of the screen.

Step 6: Insert the Translation

Finally, click "Insert" to replace the original text with the translated text.

If everything looks good in the preview, hit "Insert" to finalize the translation. Word will replace the selected text, or the entire document, with your new Afrikaans translation.

Once you complete these steps, your document will be translated from English to Afrikaans. You can now save, print, or share your translated document as needed.

Tips for Translating from English to Afrikaans in Word

  • Review the Translation: Always proofread the translated text for accuracy.
  • Use Simple Language: Simple and clear language translates more accurately.
  • Save a Copy First: Keep a copy of your original document before translating.
  • Check Formatting: Ensure the formatting remains intact after translation.
  • Use Online Tools: If Word’s translation isn’t perfect, use online translation tools for comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I translate only a part of my document?

Yes, you can select specific text to translate instead of the entire document. Simply highlight the text and follow the steps above.

Is the translation 100% accurate?

While Word’s translation tool is quite good, it may not be perfect. Always review the translated text for any errors or awkward phrasing.

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, you need to be connected to the internet because Word uses online services to perform translations.

Can I translate from Afrikaans to English?

Absolutely! Just follow the same steps, but choose "English" as the target language in Step 5.

What if I don’t see the Translate option?

Ensure your version of Word is up to date. Older versions may not have the translation feature.


  1. Open your document.
  2. Select the text.
  3. Go to the Review tab.
  4. Click on Translate.
  5. Choose the language.
  6. Insert the translation.


And there you have it—translating from English to Afrikaans in Word is a breeze! Using Word’s built-in tools, you can quickly and easily convert your documents into another language. Just remember to review the translated text for accuracy and keep a copy of your original file. If you run into any issues, don’t hesitate to use additional online translation tools to get the job done. Translating documents can open up a world of possibilities, whether you’re working on a school project, communicating with friends, or expanding your business. Now, go ahead and give it a try! Your new multilingual masterpiece is just a few clicks away.