How to Restart Windows 11 with Keyboard: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to restart windows 11 with keyboard

Restarting Windows 11 using just your keyboard can be a real lifesaver when your mouse decides to act up or if you’re just a fan of keyboard shortcuts. Here’s the quick version: Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then use the arrow keys to navigate to the power icon, and finally, select Restart. Easy, right? Let’s dive into the detailed steps.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Restart Windows 11 With Keyboard

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps to restart your Windows 11 computer using only your keyboard. It’s an efficient trick that can come in handy in various situations. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete

This key combination opens up the security options screen.

Once you press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, you’ll be greeted with several options like Lock, Task Manager, and so on. This step brings you closer to restarting your system without touching your mouse.

Step 2: Use the Arrow Keys to Navigate

Use the down arrow key to move to the power icon at the bottom-right corner.

The arrow keys on your keyboard will allow you to navigate through the menu. Once you reach the power icon, you’re just a couple of steps away from restarting your computer.

Step 3: Press Enter

Hit the Enter key to open the power options menu.

By pressing Enter, you’ll open a small menu that includes options like Sleep, Hibernate, Shut down, and Restart. This is where you select Restart to reboot your system.

Step 4: Select Restart

Using the down arrow key, navigate to the Restart option and press Enter.

This is the final step. By pressing Enter on the Restart option, your computer will begin the restart process. Say goodbye to any frozen applications or sluggish performance!

After you’ve completed these steps, your computer will start the reboot process. It will save any necessary data and ensure that all running applications are properly closed before restarting.

Tips for Restarting Windows 11 With Keyboard

  • Memorize the Shortcut: Knowing that Ctrl + Alt + Delete is your go-to combo will save you a lot of time.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Familiarize yourself with the arrow keys to navigate menus more efficiently.
  • Force Restart: If the usual steps don’t work, hold the power button for about 10 seconds to force a restart. This should be your last resort.
  • Use Alt + F4: From the desktop, pressing Alt + F4 brings up the Shutdown menu where you can select Restart.
  • Keep Calm: If your system is unresponsive, give it a moment before trying these steps again. Patience can sometimes solve tech issues on its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need to restart my Windows 11 computer using the keyboard?

Sometimes your mouse may not work, or the screen might be partially unresponsive. Using the keyboard can be quicker and more efficient in such cases.

What should I do if my keyboard shortcuts don’t work?

Make sure your keyboard is properly connected. Try using another keyboard or restarting your computer by holding down the power button.

Can I use the keyboard method to restart if my system is completely frozen?

If your system is entirely frozen, you may need to force a restart by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds.

Are there other keyboard shortcuts to restart Windows 11?

Yes, you can press Alt + F4 from the desktop to bring up the Shutdown menu, then select Restart.

Will restarting from the keyboard shut down my applications properly?

Yes, using the keyboard method to restart your computer will close applications properly and save any necessary data before restarting.


  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  2. Use the arrow keys to navigate.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Select Restart with the arrow keys.


Restarting Windows 11 with the keyboard is a nifty trick that everyone should know. It’s straightforward, efficient, and can save you in a pinch when your mouse isn’t cooperating. Whether you’re a tech newbie or a seasoned pro, mastering this simple keyboard shortcut can make your computing life a little bit easier.

If you encounter any issues during these steps, don’t worry. Just take a deep breath and try again. The keyboard method is reliable and works on all Windows 11 machines. So go ahead, give it a shot, and add another useful skill to your tech toolkit.

For further reading, consider exploring other keyboard shortcuts that can boost your productivity. From opening Task Manager to switching between applications, the world of keyboard shortcuts is vast and incredibly useful. Happy computing!