How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Memories on iPhone & Android

Accidentally deleted a precious Snapchat memory? Don’t fret! Recovering deleted Snapchat memories is possible on both iPhone and Android devices. It entails accessing the Snapchat’s “My Data” page, requesting your data, and then unzipping the downloaded file to retrieve your lost memories. After following the process, you should be able to view and save your recovered Snapchat memories.

After completing the action, you will have a folder containing the retrieved memories, which you can peruse, save, or share as you see fit. It’s a straightforward procedure that can bring back those snapshots of life you thought were gone forever.


Imagine this: you’re scrolling through your Snapchat memories, reminiscing about past moments when your finger slips, and you accidentally delete a cherished memory. Panic sets in. But hold on, there’s hope! Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app that has taken the world by storm, also understands the value of memories. That’s why they’ve made it possible to recover deleted memories for both iPhone and Android users.

For many, Snapchat is more than just an app; it’s a digital scrapbook of their lives. From videos of laughter-filled outings to snapshots of quiet, personal victories, these memories form the tapestry of our digital existence. Losing them can feel like a piece of our history has vanished. That’s why knowing how to recover them is crucial. This guide is for every Snapchat user who has felt the sting of accidental deletion. It’s a lifeline to reclaiming what was lost and preserving those virtual mementos that we hold dear.

Step by Step Tutorial: Recovering Deleted Snapchat Memories

Before diving into the recovery process, it’s essential to understand that Snapchat memories are not lost forever once deleted. They can be retrieved by requesting your data from Snapchat.

Step 1: Go to Snapchat’s “My Data” Page

Access Snapchat’s “My Data” page via a web browser.

To begin the recovery process, you need to access the “My Data” page on Snapchat’s website. This page is where all your Snapchat activity, including memories, is stored.

Step 2: Log in to Your Snapchat Account

Enter your Snapchat username and password when prompted.

Once you’re on the “My Data” page, you will be required to log in to your Snapchat account. Make sure to enter the correct credentials to gain access to your data.

Step 3: Request Your Data

Click on the “Submit Request” button at the bottom of the page.

After logging in, you’ll be taken to a page with a list of the data available for download. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Submit Request” button. Snapchat will then prepare a downloadable file containing your data.

Step 4: Download Your Data

Check your email for a link from Snapchat to download your data, then click on it to start the download.

Snapchat will send you an email once your data is ready for download. This email contains a link that will take you back to the “My Data” page, but this time with a “Your Data is Ready for Download” button. Click on it to download a zip file to your device.

Step 5: Unzip the Downloaded File

Extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to access your memories.

After downloading the zip file, you need to extract it to view its contents. On an iPhone, you can use the Files app, and on Android, you can use a file manager app. The extracted folder will contain your deleted memories.


Recovery of precious memoriesBy following the steps to recover deleted Snapchat memories, you can retrieve precious moments that you thought were lost forever. This process is a digital lifeline that brings back a piece of your history.
Easy to follow processThe process of recovering Snapchat memories is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps. It doesn’t require technical expertise, making it accessible to all users.
No additional software requiredUnlike other data recovery methods, retrieving deleted Snapchat memories doesn’t require any third-party software or applications. Everything you need is provided by Snapchat itself, ensuring a secure and reliable process.


Time-consumingThe process of retrieving deleted Snapchat memories can be time-consuming. It requires waiting for Snapchat to prepare your data and then downloading a potentially large file.
Not always successfulSometimes, the requested data may not include the deleted memories you’re hoping to recover. This can happen if the memories were not backed up or if they were deleted a long time ago.
Limited to Snapchat dataThis recovery process is limited to data from Snapchat only. If the deleted memories were not saved on the app, this method will not be able to recover them.

Additional Information

When attempting to recover deleted Snapchat memories, it’s important to act quickly. The sooner you request your data after deletion, the higher the chance of successful recovery. Also, keep in mind that once you’ve downloaded your data, you should back it up in a secure location to prevent future losses.

During the unzipping process, be cautious and ensure that you are doing so in a secure environment to protect your privacy. Always remember to handle your digital data with care, as it holds precious moments and personal information.


  1. Access Snapchat’s “My Data” page.
  2. Log in to your Snapchat account.
  3. Request your data.
  4. Download the data from the email link sent by Snapchat.
  5. Unzip the downloaded file to recover your memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover Snapchat memories that were not backed up?

No, you can only recover memories that were backed up on Snapchat.

How long does it take to receive the data from Snapchat?

The time can vary, but usually, Snapchat sends the email within 24 hours.

Can I retrieve memories from years ago?

It’s possible, but the chances of success decrease as time passes since the deletion.

Is it possible to recover Snapchat memories on a different device?

Yes, as long as you can log in to your Snapchat account and access your email, you can recover memories on any device.

Will recovering my data affect my current Snapchat memories?

No, recovering your data will not affect your current memories or Snapchat account.


Losing Snapchat memories can feel like a part of our digital life has been erased. But with the recovery process detailed in this article, there’s a good chance you can get those memories back. Whether you’re using an iPhone or Android device, the steps remain the same: access your data, download it, and unzip the file.

Remember, the digital world comes with its risks, so always back up your precious memories, and handle your data with care. If you’ve recently deleted a Snapchat memory, don’t wait—start the recovery process now and reclaim those moments that mean so much to you.