How to Get Notified When a Google Form is Submitted: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting notified when a Google Form is submitted is pretty straightforward. You can use Google Forms’ built-in features to set up email notifications. This ensures you don’t miss any form submissions, whether it’s for event RSVPs, surveys, or any other data collection. Here’s how to set it up:

How to Get Notified When a Google Form is Submitted

Following these steps will help you set up email notifications for Google Form submissions, so you can stay on top of every response without constantly checking the form.

Step 1: Open Your Google Form

First, make sure you’re logged into your Google account and navigate to the form you want to set notifications for. Open the form by clicking on its title in Google Drive.

Once you’re in Google Drive, find the specific form you need. Click on it, and it will open in the Google Forms editor. This is where you can manage all aspects of your form, including setting up notifications.

Step 2: Access the Form Responses

Click on the "Responses" tab at the top of the form. This tab shows you all the responses submitted to your form.

The "Responses" tab is located between the "Questions" and "Settings" tabs. Clicking on it will display a summary of all the data collected so far.

Step 3: Create a Linked Spreadsheet

Under the "Responses" tab, click on the green Sheets icon to create a linked spreadsheet. A new Google Sheets document will open with all your form responses.

This linked spreadsheet is crucial because it will be the source from which you set up your email notifications. Each new form submission will automatically populate this sheet.

Step 4: Set Up Notification Rules in Google Sheets

In your newly created spreadsheet, click on "Tools" in the menu bar, then select "Notification rules…". A pop-up window will appear.

The "Notification rules…" option allows you to set specific triggers for when you want to receive email alerts. This can be for any changes made to the spreadsheet or only for new responses.

Step 5: Configure Notification Settings

Click "Edit" to set your preferences. Choose "Any changes are made" and "Email – Right away" for instant notifications. Then, click "Save".

This step ensures you get an email immediately every time a new submission is made through your form. You can also opt for daily summaries if instant notifications are too frequent.

After following these steps, you will receive an email notification every time someone submits a response to your Google Form. This setup is perfect for staying informed without having to manually check the form.

Tips for Getting Notified When a Google Form is Submitted

  • Make sure your Google account is set to receive emails from Google Sheets.
  • Customize the email notification subject line in Google Sheets script editor if needed.
  • Regularly check your spam or junk folder to ensure notifications aren’t missing.
  • Consider using Google Forms add-ons for more advanced notification options.
  • Use filters in your email to organize notifications for easier management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive notifications for multiple Google Forms?

Yes, you can set up notifications for as many Google Forms as you need by following the same steps for each form.

How can I stop receiving notifications?

To stop receiving notifications, go back to the "Notification rules…" in Google Sheets and delete the existing rule.

Can I customize the email notifications?

Yes, with some knowledge of Google Apps Script, you can customize the email content in more detail.

What happens if I accidentally delete the linked spreadsheet?

If the linked spreadsheet is deleted, you will need to create a new one and set up the notification rules again.

Are there any limits to the number of notifications I can receive?

Google does not specify a strict limit, but excessive notifications might be subject to Gmail’s daily sending limits.


  1. Open your Google Form.
  2. Access the Form Responses.
  3. Create a Linked Spreadsheet.
  4. Set Up Notification Rules in Google Sheets.
  5. Configure Notification Settings.


Setting up email notifications for Google Form submissions is a simple yet powerful way to stay on top of your data collection efforts. By following these easy steps, you can ensure you’re instantly informed whenever someone fills out your form. This feature is especially useful for event planning, survey data collection, and any scenario where timely responses are crucial.

For those who want to dive deeper, exploring Google Apps Script can offer even more customization for your notifications. Always keep your notification preferences in mind to avoid inbox overload. If you found this guide helpful, why not try setting up notifications for another Google Form? Keeping abreast of form submissions has never been easier!