How to Factory Reset Google Speaker: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Factory Reset Google Speaker

Factory resetting your Google Speaker can be a lifesaver when you’re troubleshooting issues or preparing to give it away. It restores the device to its original settings, wiping all your personal data. To do this, you’ll need to press and hold a specific button on the device for about 15 seconds. This process ensures that all previous settings and configurations are erased, giving you a fresh start.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Factory Reset Google Speaker

Ready to factory reset your Google Speaker? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Locate the Mute Button

Find the mute button on the back of your Google Speaker.

Most Google Speakers have a small mute button or switch, often located on the back or the bottom. This is your key to starting the reset process.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Mute Button

Press and hold the mute button for approximately 15 seconds.

While holding down the button, you may hear the speaker announce that it’s about to reset. Keep holding until you hear a chime.

Step 3: Wait for Audio Confirmation

Continue holding until you hear a chime or the speaker says it’s resetting.

This chime or voice prompt indicates that the factory reset process has begun. You can now release the button.

Step 4: Power Cycle the Device

After the chime, allow the device to complete the reset process, which may take a few minutes.

Once the reset is complete, the speaker will restart automatically. Wait for it to power back on.

Step 5: Set Up the Speaker Again

Once the reset is complete, set up your Google Speaker as if it were new.

Use the Google Home app to reconnect the speaker to your Wi-Fi and configure your preferences again.

After you complete these steps, your Google Speaker will be like it was when you first bought it. All your personal settings and data will be erased, giving you a clean slate.

Tips for How to Factory Reset Google Speaker

  1. Backup Settings: Before you reset, note down any important settings or preferences you may want to reconfigure later.
  2. Check Firmware: Ensure your Google Speaker’s firmware is up to date before resetting.
  3. Stable Power: Make sure the device is plugged into a stable power source during the reset process.
  4. Use the App: Consider using the Google Home app for a guided setup post-reset.
  5. Read Manual: Always consult the manual for model-specific instructions or differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I reset my Google Speaker?

All your personal data, settings, and preferences will be erased, and the speaker will return to its original factory settings.

Can I undo a factory reset?

No, once the reset process is complete, it cannot be undone. You’ll need to set up the speaker again from scratch.

Do I need to reset the speaker to change Wi-Fi networks?

Not necessarily. You can change Wi-Fi settings using the Google Home app without performing a factory reset.

Will resetting fix all my issues?

A factory reset can resolve many software-related issues, but not hardware problems. If issues persist, contact Google support.

Can I factory reset the speaker using the app?

No, the factory reset process must be done manually using the mute button on the device.

Summary of Steps

  1. Locate the mute button.
  2. Press and hold the mute button.
  3. Wait for audio confirmation.
  4. Power cycle the device.
  5. Set up the speaker again.


There you have it—a comprehensive guide on how to factory reset a Google Speaker. This process is straightforward and can solve many issues you’re experiencing with the device. Just remember, once you reset, you’ll lose all your custom settings, so make sure you’re prepared for that.

If you still face issues after resetting, it might be time to dig deeper or contact customer support for help. Keeping your speaker’s firmware up to date and ensuring a stable power supply can save you from frequent resets. Whether you’re passing the device on to someone else or just starting fresh, factory resetting your Google Speaker is a useful skill to have in your tech arsenal.

For more information and troubleshooting tips, you might want to check out Google’s support resources or explore user forums for advice from other Google Speaker users. Happy resetting!