What Does Show Holiday Events Mean on My iPhone?

  • The Photos app on your iPhone uses a lot of “smart” technology to sort your images into different categories. This includes things like object recognition and dates.
  • By enabling the “Show Holiday Events” option you are letting your iPhone Photos app create moments, memories, and other groups or albums based on holidays in your country.

When you open the Photos app on your iPhone you can see tabs at the bottom of the screen. These provide a couple of different ways for you to sort and view your images.

Some of the categories and classifications in the Photos app happen automatically. For example, you may notice that your pictures are grouped by date, or by the location where the pictures were taken.

But the Photos app can also group pictures based on holidays in your country. For example, this would let you see Christmas as an option in Memories, or let you type “Christmas” into the search field.

Our guide below will show you where to find this holiday events setting on your iPhone so that you can enable or disable it as preferred.

How to Hide or Show Holiday Events in Photos on Your iPhone

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 11 in iOS 13.3.1.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

open the Settings app

Step 2: Scroll down and choose the Photos option.

open the Photos menu

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap the button to the right of Show Holiday Events.

what does show holiday events mean in Photos on my iPhone

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