How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

how to open internet explorer in windows 11

Opening Internet Explorer in Windows 11 can feel like embarking on a treasure hunt since this classic browser is not front and center anymore. In just a few simple steps, you can access it, whether for nostalgia or specific web needs. Let’s walk through this together!

How to Open Internet Explorer in Windows 11

The following steps will guide you to find and open Internet Explorer in Windows 11. Even though Microsoft Edge is the default browser, Internet Explorer is still accessible for certain legacy purposes.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu

Click on the Start button at the bottom-left corner of your screen.

The Start button looks like a small windows icon, and it’s your gateway to all programs and settings in Windows 11.

Step 2: Search for Internet Explorer

Type "Internet Explorer" in the search bar.

As you type, a list of search results will appear. You should see Internet Explorer pop up in this list, even though it’s hidden away.

Step 3: Select Internet Explorer

Click on the Internet Explorer icon from the results.

This will open up your trusty old Internet Explorer browser. It might feel like a blast from the past seeing that familiar interface!

Step 4: Pin Internet Explorer to Taskbar (Optional)

Right-click the Internet Explorer icon in the taskbar and select "Pin to taskbar" for easy access in the future.

By pinning it, you won’t need to dig through the Start menu every time you want to use it. It’ll be right there on your taskbar, one click away.

Step 5: Use Internet Explorer Mode in Edge (Alternative)

Open Microsoft Edge, click the three-dot menu, and navigate to "Settings > Default Browser > Allow Sites to Reload in Internet Explorer Mode."

This mode allows you to open sites that require Internet Explorer directly within Edge, providing a seamless experience.

After completing these steps, Internet Explorer will open, ready for you to use. You can browse the web, access legacy websites, or simply enjoy the old-school vibes.

Tips for Opening Internet Explorer in Windows 11

  • Pin It: Pinning Internet Explorer to your taskbar saves time and effort.
  • Compatibility Mode: Use the Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge for sites that need it.
  • Shortcuts: Create a desktop shortcut for quick access.
  • Favorites: Transfer your bookmarks and favorites from Edge to Internet Explorer if you plan to use it regularly.
  • Updates: Ensure that you have the latest updates for both Internet Explorer and Windows 11 for security purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Internet Explorer still supported in Windows 11?

Yes, Internet Explorer is still available in Windows 11, primarily for legacy compatibility.

Why can’t I find Internet Explorer in my Start menu?

It might be hidden. Use the search function in the Start menu to locate it.

Can I use Internet Explorer as my default browser?

While you can use Internet Explorer, it’s advised to use more modern browsers like Microsoft Edge for security reasons.

What is Internet Explorer mode in Edge?

This mode allows you to open websites that require Internet Explorer directly within the Edge browser.

How do I transfer my favorites to Internet Explorer?

You can import bookmarks and favorites from Edge by going to the settings menu and selecting the import option.


  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Search for Internet Explorer.
  3. Select Internet Explorer.
  4. Pin Internet Explorer to Taskbar (Optional).
  5. Use Internet Explorer Mode in Edge (Alternative).


Navigating the transition from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge has been part of Microsoft’s push towards modern browsers. Yet, for those who still need or prefer to use Internet Explorer, it remains within reach in Windows 11. By leveraging search capabilities, pinning shortcuts, or utilizing compatibility modes in Edge, you can keep your favorite sites accessible.

Exploring how to open Internet Explorer in Windows 11 is a nod to the old while embracing the new. The steps we’ve outlined are straightforward, ensuring that you can continue to access all necessary web resources. Whether you’re troubleshooting legacy applications or simply reminiscing, you now have the tools to bring Internet Explorer back to life on your current system.

For further reading, check out the Microsoft support pages or other tech guides that delve into maximizing your Windows 11 experience. Keep browsing, stay curious, and enjoy the blend of past and present in your digital journey!