How to Connect AirPods Pro to Windows 11: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Connecting AirPods Pro to a Windows 11 computer is a breeze. Windows 11 has built-in Bluetooth support that makes it easy to pair your AirPods Pro. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be enjoying your music or taking calls wirelessly in no time.

How to Connect AirPods Pro to Windows 11

This section will guide you through the steps to pair your AirPods Pro with a Windows 11 computer, ensuring you can enjoy crystal-clear sound on your device.

Step 1: Open Bluetooth Settings

Click on the Start Menu and select "Settings." Then navigate to "Devices" and select "Bluetooth & other devices."

You’ll find the Bluetooth settings here, and this is where all Bluetooth-related activities will take place.

Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth

Toggle the Bluetooth switch to "On."

If your Bluetooth is already on, you’re good to go. Otherwise, turning it on will make your computer discoverable to nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 3: Put AirPods Pro in Pairing Mode

Open the lid of your AirPods Pro case without taking out the AirPods. Press and hold the button on the back of the case until the LED indicator starts flashing white.

This step indicates that your AirPods Pro are in pairing mode and ready to connect to your Windows 11 computer.

Step 4: Add a Bluetooth Device

In the Bluetooth settings on your computer, click on "Add Bluetooth or other device." Then, select "Bluetooth" from the options that appear.

Your computer will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices, including your AirPods Pro.

Step 5: Select Your AirPods Pro

From the list of available devices, click on your AirPods Pro to initiate the pairing process.

Once selected, your computer will connect to your AirPods Pro, allowing you to use them for audio output.

After completing these steps, your AirPods Pro should be successfully connected to your Windows 11 computer. You can now enjoy listening to music, watching videos, or taking calls wirelessly.

Tips for Connecting AirPods Pro to Windows 11

  • Keep your AirPods Pro close to your computer during the pairing process to ensure a strong connection.
  • Make sure your AirPods Pro are charged; low battery can interfere with pairing.
  • If your AirPods Pro don’t appear in the list of available devices, try turning Bluetooth off and on again.
  • Restarting your computer can sometimes resolve any connectivity issues.
  • Ensure no other device is currently connected to your AirPods Pro during the pairing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my AirPods Pro connect to Windows 11?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on for both your computer and AirPods Pro. Check for any software updates for your computer that might improve connectivity.

Can I use AirPods Pro as a microphone on Windows 11?

Yes, once paired, you can use AirPods Pro as both an audio output and a microphone input.

Do I need any special software to connect AirPods Pro to Windows 11?

No, Windows 11 has built-in Bluetooth support, so no additional software is needed.

How do I reconnect my AirPods Pro after disconnecting?

Simply open the Bluetooth settings and select your AirPods Pro from the list of paired devices to reconnect.

Can I connect multiple Bluetooth devices to Windows 11?

Yes, Windows 11 supports multiple Bluetooth connections, so you can connect other devices in addition to your AirPods Pro.


  1. Open Bluetooth Settings
  2. Turn On Bluetooth
  3. Put AirPods Pro in Pairing Mode
  4. Add a Bluetooth Device
  5. Select Your AirPods Pro


Connecting your AirPods Pro to a Windows 11 computer is straightforward and hassle-free. Following the steps outlined above ensures you can enjoy the wireless freedom that AirPods Pro offers. Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes, watching a movie, or attending a virtual meeting, having your AirPods Pro connected to your computer adds a level of convenience and quality. Remember, if you encounter any issues, the tips and FAQ sections are there to help you troubleshoot common problems. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and connect your AirPods Pro to your Windows 11 computer and elevate your audio experience! Happy listening!