how to add last name and page number top right google docs

How to Add Last Name and Page Number in Google Docs

Page numbers are not only helpful from a practical standpoint in the event that pages become out of order, but they are a typical requirement from institutions of higher learning. Due to the increase in popularity of Google Docs, it’s likely that you may need to know how to put a page number on the … Read more

how to view equations in Google Sheets

How to Find the Google Sheets Show Formulas Setting

Google Sheets can make calculations a lot simpler with the help of equations and formulas. But as you enter formulas into the cells in your spreadsheet you will notice that you are seeing the results of those formulas instead of the formulas themselves. So you may be looking for how to show formulas in Google … Read more

how to change page color in google docs

How to Change Page Color On Google Docs

You may have encountered a situation with a Google Docs document where you must change the background color of a document that you created, or that someone has sent to you. Whether the color you want is different than the one that is currently being used, or you simply want to print a Docs document … Read more

how to change a hyperlink in google docs

How to Rename a Link in Google Docs

Many of the documents and Web pages that you view every day rely on links, or “hyperlinks” as a way for you to navigate between different content. It can be useful for content creators to offer links as a way for their readers to be able to learn more about a particular subject without needing … Read more