How to Turn a Video Into a Boomerang on iPhone and Android

Turning a video into a boomerang is a simple process that can be done on both iPhone and Android devices. After you complete the action, you’ll have a fun, looping video clip that’s perfect for sharing on social media or with friends.


Ever stumbled upon a moment in a video that’s so good it deserves to be watched over and over again? That’s where the magic of boomerang comes in! Boomerangs are those quirky, short videos that loop back and forth, adding a fun twist to your visual content. With the increasing popularity of bite-sized videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, knowing how to transform a standard video into a boomerang isn’t just cool, it’s practically a social media survival skill.

Whether you’re an iPhone aficionado or an Android enthusiast, this guide will walk you through the steps to turn your video into a boomerang, making you the envy of your social circle. Let’s dive into the world of endless loops and see how your videos can take on a life of their own!

Step by Step Tutorial: Turning Your Video into a Boomerang

Before starting the steps, it’s important to note that by following these instructions, you’ll be able to create a boomerang from existing video footage, which means you can pick the perfect moment without relying on chance.

Step 1: Select a Video

Choose the video you’d like to turn into a boomerang from your camera roll.
Selecting the right video is crucial. Look for a clip with a clear, focused action or moment that will look interesting when looped.

Step 2: Edit the Video

Trim the video clip to the desired length, usually a few seconds, focusing on the moment you want to loop.
Editing your video is about finding the goldilocks zone—not too long, not too short, but just right. This will ensure your boomerang is engaging and doesn’t lose the viewer’s interest.

Step 3: Convert the Video

Use an app or built-in feature on your device to convert the trimmed clip into a boomerang.
Whether you’re using Boomerang from Instagram, a third-party app, or built-in features on newer phones, this step is where the magic happens, and your clip transforms into a looping masterpiece.


Adds Creativity to ContentA boomerang can turn a mundane video into an eye-catching piece of content. By looping a moment, you’re adding a creative flair that can make your post stand out on social media.
Engages ViewersThe repeating motion of a boomerang naturally draws the eye and can hold a viewer’s attention longer than a standard video. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your audience engaged.
Highlights Memorable MomentsWith a boomerang, you can emphasize a particular action or event within a video, making it the focal point and creating a memorable clip that viewers will want to watch repeatedly.


Limited to Short SegmentsBoomerangs are restricted to short moments, which means you can’t use them for longer video content. This limits the scope of what you can capture in a boomerang.
Can Become RepetitiveIf not used sparingly, boomerangs can become monotonous to viewers, leading to a decrease in engagement over time. Variety is key to keeping your content fresh.
Quality LossConverting a video into a boomerang can sometimes result in a loss of quality, particularly if you’re using a low-resolution video or a subpar app to create the boomerang.

Additional Information

When creating a boomerang, remember that timing is everything. The best boomerangs capture a moment that’s visually interesting when played forwards and backwards. Think hair flips, jumping into a pool, or even an epic high-five. It’s these small yet captivating moments that make for the perfect boomerang.

Another tip is to consider the surroundings in your video. A cluttered background can distract from the looping effect, so try to find a setting that’s relatively simple and won’t steal the spotlight from your main action.

Lastly, don’t forget to experiment with different apps and features. Some might offer additional editing options, filters, or effects that can take your boomerang to the next level. And who knows, you might just discover a new favorite tool for all your video editing needs!


  1. Select a video from your camera roll.
  2. Trim the video clip to focus on the moment you want to loop.
  3. Convert the edited clip into a boomerang using an app or built-in feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a boomerang from any video?

Yes, you can make a boomerang from any video, as long as you can trim it to the right length and the content is suitable for looping.

Do I need a special app to create a boomerang?

While there are dedicated apps like Boomerang from Instagram, many smartphones now have built-in features that allow you to create a boomerang directly from your camera or gallery app.

How long should a boomerang be?

A boomerang is typically just a few seconds long. The key is to capture a brief, loopable moment that’s visually appealing.

Can I add effects to my boomerang?

Yes, many apps allow you to add filters, text, and other effects to enhance your boomerang.

Can I share my boomerang on social media?

Absolutely! Boomerangs are highly shareable and are supported on most social media platforms, making them perfect for posting.


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, learning how to turn a video into a boomerang is a valuable skill that adds a dynamic touch to your content. Whether you’re an iPhone user or on Team Android, creating a boomerang is a straightforward process that results in an engaging, looped video.

With the tips and insights provided, you’re now equipped to capture those perfect moments and share them in a fresh, captivating way. So go ahead, give your videos that boomerang twist, and watch as your social media presence takes off with endless loops of fun!