How to Play Windows 95 Games on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Play Windows 95 Games on Windows 11

Got some old Windows 95 games you loved but can’t play on your shiny new Windows 11 PC? No worries, you can still enjoy those nostalgic treasures with a few tweaks. This guide will walk you through the steps to get those classic games up and running, all without needing a computer science degree.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Play Windows 95 Games on Windows 11

In this tutorial, we’ll set up your Windows 11 computer so that you can play your favorite Windows 95 games. We’ll be using a combination of compatibility settings and virtual machine software to get everything working smoothly.

Step 1: Download a Virtual Machine Software

First, download virtual machine (VM) software like VirtualBox or VMware.

Virtual machines let you run other operating systems on your current OS. This way, you can install an older version of Windows like Windows 95 inside your Windows 11 environment.

Step 2: Get a Windows 95 ISO File

Next, obtain a Windows 95 ISO file for the virtual machine.

An ISO file is a digital copy of a disk. You can often find Windows 95 ISO files online, but make sure to get it from a reliable source to avoid any malware.

Step 3: Install Windows 95 in the Virtual Machine

Open your VM software and use the ISO file to install Windows 95.

Follow the installation steps provided by your VM software. This process usually involves selecting the ISO file and configuring some basic settings.

Step 4: Install VirtualBox Guest Additions (if using VirtualBox)

After Windows 95 is installed, install VirtualBox Guest Additions for better performance.

This step is optional but recommended for enhanced compatibility and performance within the virtual machine.

Step 5: Transfer Your Games to the Virtual Machine

Move your Windows 95 game files into the virtual machine.

You can do this by setting up shared folders between your host machine (Windows 11) and the virtual machine (Windows 95).

Step 6: Run Your Windows 95 Games

Finally, open your Windows 95 games within the virtual machine.

Double-click the game executable file in the virtual machine to start playing!

After completing these steps, you’ll be ready to play your beloved Windows 95 games on your Windows 11 PC. Just launch the virtual machine whenever you want to enjoy some retro gaming.

Tips for Playing Windows 95 Games on Windows 11

  • Backup Your Data: Always keep a backup of your games and important files before transferring them to the virtual machine.
  • Performance Settings: Adjust the virtual machine’s resource allocation (CPU, RAM) to ensure smooth gameplay.
  • Compatibility Settings: Use Windows 11 compatibility settings for games that don’t require a full virtual machine setup.
  • Stay Updated: Keep your VM software and virtual machine additions updated for the best performance.
  • Malware Protection: Ensure your ISO files and game files are from reliable sources to avoid security risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other OS versions besides Windows 95 in the virtual machine?

Yes, you can use other versions like Windows 98 or XP if your games are compatible with those versions.

Do I need a powerful computer to run virtual machines?

Not necessarily, but having more RAM and a faster CPU will provide a smoother experience.

Are there any legal concerns with downloading a Windows 95 ISO?

Make sure to obtain ISO files from legitimate sources to avoid legal issues.

Can I play Windows 95 games directly on Windows 11 without a virtual machine?

Some games might work using compatibility mode, but a virtual machine is generally more reliable.

What if my game requires a CD to run?

You can use ISO files or create virtual disks to simulate the CD.

Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Download VM Software: Install VirtualBox or VMware.
  2. Get Windows 95 ISO: Obtain a reliable ISO file.
  3. Install Windows 95: Set up the OS in the virtual machine.
  4. Install Guest Additions: Improve performance with VirtualBox additions.
  5. Transfer Games: Move game files to the virtual machine.
  6. Run Games: Start playing your Windows 95 games.


Playing Windows 95 games on a modern Windows 11 system might seem like a daunting task, but with a little patience and the right tools, it’s totally achievable. With virtual machine software, you can dive back into the nostalgic world of classic gaming without much hassle. Remember to always use reliable sources for any software or ISO files you download, and keep your virtual machine settings optimized for the best experience.

If you miss those good old days of pixelated graphics and simple yet addictive gameplay, this guide provides a straightforward way to relive those moments. While technology keeps advancing, it’s nice to know that our cherished memories can still be accessed in today’s high-tech world.

So go ahead, fire up that virtual machine, and get ready to lose yourself in the timeless fun of Windows 95 games!