How to Get Filters on Google Meet: Step-by-Step Guide to Fun Meetings

how to get filters on google meet

Getting filters on Google Meet can add a bit of fun and creativity to your video calls. To do this, you’ll need to use Google Meet’s built-in filters or integrate third-party apps. Essentially, you’ll be making your video calls more engaging by adding visual effects that can lighten the mood and make your meetings more enjoyable.

How to Get Filters on Google Meet

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to get filters on Google Meet. By following these steps, you’ll be able to use built-in filters as well as third-party apps to add some flair to your video calls.

Step 1: Open Google Meet and Start a Meeting

To get started, open Google Meet and initiate a new meeting or join an existing one.

Once you are in the Google Meet interface, you’ll find options to control your video and audio settings. This is where you’ll start exploring filters.

Step 2: Click on the "More Options" (three dots) Button

Locate and click the "More Options" button, usually represented by three dots at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

This menu contains various settings and options, including those for visual effects and filters.

Step 3: Select "Apply Visual Effects"

From the "More Options" menu, choose the "Apply Visual Effects" option.

This will open up a panel where you can choose different effects, including background changes and various filters.

Step 4: Choose a Built-in Filter or Background Effect

Scroll through the available options and select a filter or background effect that you like.

Google Meet offers a variety of built-in filters and backgrounds to choose from, ranging from subtle blurs to animated effects.

Step 5: Apply and Save Changes

After selecting your desired filter, click on the "Apply" button to add the effect to your video feed.

Your chosen filter will now be active in your Google Meet video, making your call more visually interesting.

Step 6: Use a Third-Party App (Optional)

If you’re looking for more advanced filters, consider using a third-party app like Snap Camera.

Snap Camera integrates with Google Meet and offers a wider range of filters, from funny faces to professional-looking backgrounds.

After completing these steps, your Google Meet video feed will display the selected filter, making your calls more engaging and fun. Whether you’re using built-in options or third-party apps, filters can enhance the visual appeal of your meetings.

Tips for How to Get Filters on Google Meet

  • Make sure your device meets the system requirements for Google Meet and any third-party apps you plan to use.
  • Test your filters before the meeting to ensure they work correctly and look good.
  • Use filters sparingly in professional settings to maintain a balance between fun and professionalism.
  • Keep your Google Meet app updated to access new features and filters.
  • Explore different third-party apps like Snap Camera for a wider variety of filters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use filters on Google Meet without a third-party app?

Yes, Google Meet offers built-in filters and background effects that you can use without needing any additional apps.

Do filters work on all devices?

Built-in filters generally work on most devices, but some third-party apps may have specific system requirements.

How do I remove a filter once it’s applied?

Go to the "Apply Visual Effects" menu and select "None" or "No Filter" to remove any applied filters.

Can I use filters in a professional meeting?

Yes, but it’s best to use subtle filters and backgrounds to maintain a professional appearance.

Are third-party filter apps safe to use?

Most popular third-party apps like Snap Camera are safe, but always download from official websites to avoid malware.


  1. Open Google Meet and start a meeting.
  2. Click on the "More Options" (three dots) button.
  3. Select "Apply Visual Effects."
  4. Choose a built-in filter or background effect.
  5. Apply and save changes.
  6. (Optional) Use a third-party app like Snap Camera for more filters.


Adding filters to your Google Meet calls can significantly enhance the experience, making your meetings more lively and engaging. Whether you’re using Google Meet’s built-in options or integrating with third-party apps like Snap Camera, the process is straightforward and accessible. Remember to balance fun and professionalism, especially in work settings.

For further reading, explore Google’s help articles on Meet and check out tutorials on using Snap Camera. Now that you know how to get filters on Google Meet, why not try adding some flair to your next video call?