How to Connect Windows 11 to Roku TV: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Connecting your Windows 11 to your Roku TV is quite simple. All you need to do is enable screen mirroring on your Roku TV, then connect your Windows 11 PC via the Cast feature. This way, you can seamlessly project your PC’s screen onto your TV for a better viewing experience.

How to Connect Windows 11 to Roku TV

In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps needed to connect your Windows 11 computer to a Roku TV. By the end, you’ll be mirroring your PC screen on your TV effortlessly.

Step 1: Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku TV

First, go to the settings on your Roku TV.

To enable screen mirroring, click on "Settings" from your Roku home screen, then navigate to "System," and finally "Screen mirroring." Ensure that "Screen mirroring mode" is set to "Prompt" or "Always allow."

Step 2: Open Action Center on Windows 11

Next, access the Action Center on your Windows 11 PC.

Simply click on the notification icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen, or press "Windows + A" on your keyboard to open the Action Center.

Step 3: Click on "Connect"

In the Action Center, find and click on the "Connect" option.

This will bring up a list of available devices that you can connect to for screen mirroring or projecting.

Step 4: Select Your Roku Device

From the list, choose your Roku device.

Your Windows 11 PC will start connecting to your Roku TV. This might take a few seconds, so be patient.

Step 5: Confirm Connection on Roku TV

Finally, confirm the connection on your Roku TV.

If you’ve set the screen mirroring mode to "Prompt," a prompt will appear on your TV. Accept the connection request to start mirroring your Windows 11 screen.

After completing these steps, your Windows 11 screen should be mirrored on your Roku TV. You can now enjoy your PC content on a bigger screen.

Tips for Connecting Windows 11 to Roku TV

  1. Ensure Both Devices Are on the Same Network: Make sure your Windows 11 PC and Roku TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for the connection to work.
  2. Use a Stable Internet Connection: A stable internet connection ensures a smooth and lag-free mirroring experience.
  3. Update Your Devices: Keep both your Roku TV and Windows 11 PC updated to avoid compatibility issues.
  4. Adjust TV Display Settings: For a better viewing experience, adjust your TV display settings such as resolution and aspect ratio.
  5. Use a Wired Connection if Needed: If you’re experiencing lag, consider using a wired HDMI connection for a more stable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see my Roku device on the connect list?

Ensure your Roku TV is on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC. Also, check if screen mirroring is enabled on the Roku TV.

How do I disconnect my Windows 11 from my Roku TV?

To disconnect, go back to the Action Center, click on "Connect," and then select "Disconnect" from the list of connected devices.

Can I connect multiple devices to my Roku TV?

No, Roku TV typically allows one screen mirroring connection at a time.

Why is there a lag during screen mirroring?

Lag can be caused by a weak Wi-Fi connection or network interference. Make sure both devices have a strong and stable connection.

Can I use this method to stream videos?

Yes, you can stream videos from your Windows 11 PC to your Roku TV. However, for the best experience, use streaming apps available on Roku.


  1. Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku TV.
  2. Open Action Center on Windows 11.
  3. Click on "Connect."
  4. Select Your Roku Device.
  5. Confirm Connection on Roku TV.


Connecting Windows 11 to Roku TV opens up a world of possibilities, from streaming your favorite videos to sharing photos and presentations on a bigger screen. It’s a straightforward process that anyone can handle with a few simple steps. Make sure both your devices are up-to-date and connected to the same network to avoid any hiccups.

If you’re frequently running into issues, consider using a wired connection for more stability.

Don’t forget to explore other features of your Roku TV and Windows 11 for an even richer experience. Happy mirroring!