How to Use Video Editor Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

how to use video editor windows 11

Editing videos on Windows 11 is pretty straightforward, even for beginners. You can use the built-in video editor to trim, split, and add text or effects to your videos. Just open the Photos app, select the video you want to edit, and follow some simple steps to make it look professional. By the end of this guide, you’ll know how to navigate through the video editor and make your videos shine.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Using Video Editor in Windows 11

This guide will walk you through the basic steps to edit your videos using the video editor in Windows 11. From importing your footage to exporting your final masterpiece, we’ll cover all the essentials.

Step 1: Open the Photos app

First steps first, open the Photos app. This app comes pre-installed on Windows 11.

To find it, simply type "Photos" into the search bar next to the Start menu. Click the app to open it, and you’re on your way.

Step 2: Select the Video Editor tab

Step 2 involves navigating to the Video Editor tab within the Photos app.

Once you’re in the Photos app, you’ll see a tab called “Video Editor” at the top. Click this tab, and you’ll be prompted to create a new project, or you can open an existing one.

Step 3: Create a new video project

Now, create a new video project to get started with your editing.

Click on “New Video Project.” You’ll be asked to name your project, so pick a name that’s easy to remember. Hit OK, and you’ll be taken to the main editing interface.

Step 4: Add your video files

To start editing, you need to add your video files to the project.

Click the “Add” button to import videos from your PC. You can also drag and drop files directly into the project library. This is where all your media will be stored for easy access during editing.

Step 5: Arrange and trim your clips

Next, arrange your video clips in the order you want and trim them as necessary.

Drag your clips from the project library to the storyboard at the bottom of the screen. Click on a clip and use the trim tool to cut out unwanted parts. This step is crucial for creating a coherent video flow.

Step 6: Add text and effects

Now comes the fun part: adding text and effects.

Click on a clip in the storyboard and then click the “Text” button to add titles or captions. You can also add filters, motion effects, and 3D elements to jazz up your video.

Step 7: Preview and make adjustments

Before you finalize everything, preview your video to see how it looks.

Click the play button above the storyboard to watch your video. If something doesn’t look right, go back and make adjustments. This helps ensure your video is polished to perfection.

Step 8: Export your video

Finally, export your finished video so you can share it.

Click the “Finish Video” button at the top right corner. Choose your desired video quality and click “Export.” Save your video to your preferred location on your PC.

After you complete all these steps, your edited video will be saved and ready to share. You can now upload it to social media, send it to friends, or keep it for personal use.

Tips for Using Video Editor in Windows 11

  • Save Frequently: Always save your project frequently to avoid losing your work.
  • Experiment with Effects: Don’t be afraid to try different filters and effects to see what looks best.
  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts: Learn some basic keyboard shortcuts to speed up your editing process.
  • Organize Your Files: Keep your video clips organized in folders for easier access.
  • Review Tutorials: Watch online tutorials for advanced editing techniques and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import videos into the video editor?

Click the “Add” button in the project library to import videos from your PC, or drag and drop them directly into the library.

Can I add music to my video?

Yes, you can add background music by clicking the “Background Music” button and selecting a track.

How do I cut a clip?

Select the clip in the storyboard and use the trim tool to cut out unwanted sections.

Can I add transitions between clips?

Yes, click on a clip and then select the “Motion” option to add transitions.

Is it possible to undo an action?

Yes, you can use the undo button or press Ctrl + Z to undo your last action.


  1. Open the Photos app.
  2. Select the Video Editor tab.
  3. Create a new video project.
  4. Add your video files.
  5. Arrange and trim your clips.
  6. Add text and effects.
  7. Preview and make adjustments.
  8. Export your video.


Editing videos on Windows 11 is not just easy; it’s actually quite fun. With the built-in video editor in the Photos app, you can quickly transform raw footage into polished videos without needing advanced software. Whether you’re creating a family movie or a social media post, these steps will guide you through the process from start to finish.

By following this guide, you’ll not only save time but also produce high-quality videos that look professional. Try experimenting with different features and effects to see what works best for your project.

And remember, practice makes perfect. The more you use the video editor, the more proficient you’ll become. So go ahead, start editing, and let your creativity flow. Happy editing!