How to Transfer Files from PC to PC Using WiFi on Windows 11 Easily

Transferring files between PCs using WiFi in Windows 11 is super easy and convenient. You’ll be using a feature called Nearby Sharing, which allows you to share files without needing any cables. First, make sure both PCs are connected to the same WiFi network. Then, enable Nearby Sharing on both devices, and you’re all set to transfer files effortlessly.

How to Transfer Files from PC to PC Using WiFi Windows 11

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to transfer files using WiFi on Windows 11. Follow these steps to get your files moving from one PC to another seamlessly.

Step 1: Connect Both PCs to the Same WiFi Network

Ensure both PCs are connected to the same WiFi network. This is crucial as Nearby Sharing only works if both devices are on the same network.

When you’re connected to the same WiFi network, your PCs can communicate with each other. This is the foundation for the file transfer process.

Step 2: Enable Nearby Sharing on Both PCs

Go to Settings > System > Nearby Sharing and turn on Nearby Sharing on both PCs.

Nearby Sharing is a Windows 11 feature that allows you to share files wirelessly. Enabling it on both devices ensures they can detect each other.

Step 3: Choose Who Can Share with You

Under the Nearby Sharing settings, select either "Everyone nearby" or "My devices only."

Choosing "Everyone nearby" allows any nearby PC to share files with you, while "My devices only" limits sharing to your own PCs. Pick the option that suits your needs.

Step 4: Locate the File You Want to Share

Find the file you want to transfer on the source PC. Right-click on it, and select "Share."

This step gets the file ready to be sent. Windows 11 will use Nearby Sharing to find available PCs to receive the file.

Step 5: Select the Target PC

In the Share menu, you should see the target PC listed. Click on it to start the transfer.

Once you select the target PC, the file will begin transferring. You’ll see a progress bar showing the transfer status.

Step 6: Accept the Transfer on the Target PC

A notification will pop up on the target PC asking to accept the file. Click "Accept."

Accepting the transfer on the target PC completes the process. The file will then be saved in your Downloads folder.

After completing these steps, the file you selected will be transferred to the other PC. You can now access the file from the target PC’s Downloads folder.

Tips for Transferring Files from PC to PC Using WiFi Windows 11

  • Ensure Strong WiFi Signal: A strong and stable WiFi signal ensures a faster and more reliable transfer.
  • Use Nearby Sharing for Multiple Files: You can transfer multiple files by selecting them all before initiating the share.
  • Update Windows 11: Keep your systems updated to avoid any compatibility issues.
  • Check Firewalls: Sometimes, firewalls can block the Nearby Sharing feature. Make sure your firewalls are configured to allow this.
  • Keep PCs Close: If possible, keep both PCs in close proximity to ensure a stronger connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Nearby Sharing not detecting the other PC?

Ensure both PCs are on the same WiFi network and have Nearby Sharing enabled.

Can I transfer large files using Nearby Sharing?

Yes, but the transfer speed depends on your WiFi network’s speed and stability.

Where do the transferred files go?

Transferred files are saved in the Downloads folder of the target PC.

What if my WiFi signal is weak?

A weak signal can slow down the transfer or cause it to fail. Consider moving closer to the router or using a WiFi extender.

Can I use Nearby Sharing with a Mac?

No, Nearby Sharing is a Windows-only feature.


  1. Connect Both PCs to the same WiFi network.
  2. Enable Nearby Sharing on both PCs.
  3. Choose who can share with you.
  4. Locate the file you want to share.
  5. Select the target PC.
  6. Accept the transfer on the target PC.


Transferring files from PC to PC using WiFi on Windows 11 is a breeze with Nearby Sharing. This feature eliminates the need for USB drives or external hard disks, making file transfers quick and efficient. By following the steps above, you can move your files effortlessly between devices on the same network. Don’t forget to consider our tips for a smoother transfer experience.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it quite intuitive and time-saving. Whether you’re transferring important documents, photos, or videos, Nearby Sharing makes the process straightforward. If you run into any issues, refer to the FAQs or Windows Support for additional help. Happy sharing!