How to Play HEVC Files on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Have you got an HEVC file and no idea how to watch it on your Windows 11 device? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Playing HEVC files on Windows 11 is a breeze if you follow a few simple steps. You’ll need to install the right codecs and maybe a media player that supports HEVC. Read on for a step-by-step guide to get you watching those high-quality videos in no time.

How to Play HEVC Files on Windows 11

In this section, I’ll walk you through the steps to play HEVC files on your Windows 11 computer. By following these steps, you’ll be able to easily watch HEVC videos without any hassle.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store

The first step is to open the Microsoft Store app on your Windows 11 device.

To do this, click the Start button and type "Microsoft Store" into the search bar. Click on the app to open it. The Microsoft Store is your one-stop shop for apps, games, and utilities for Windows 11.

Step 2: Search for HEVC Video Extensions

Next, you need to search for HEVC Video Extensions in the Microsoft Store.

In the search bar at the top of the Store, type "HEVC Video Extensions" and hit enter. You’ll see a list of results. Look for the official app from Microsoft.

Step 3: Purchase and Install HEVC Video Extensions

Now, you need to purchase and install the HEVC Video Extensions.

Click on the "HEVC Video Extensions" app. There might be a small fee, usually around 99 cents. Click the "Buy" button and follow the prompts to complete the purchase. Once done, click "Install."

Step 4: Download a Media Player that Supports HEVC

While Windows Media Player can play HEVC files with the right codecs, you may want a more versatile media player.

VLC Media Player is a great option. Go to the VLC website, download the installer, and run it to install VLC on your computer. VLC supports HEVC out of the box, so you won’t need any additional codecs.

Step 5: Open Your HEVC File

Finally, open your HEVC file to start watching your video.

Right-click your HEVC file, select "Open with," and choose either Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. Your video should now play without any issues.

After completing these steps, you should be able to play HEVC files on your Windows 11 device seamlessly. Whether you use Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player, you’ll be enjoying high-quality videos in no time.

Tips for Playing HEVC Files on Windows 11

  • Use VLC Media Player: It’s free and supports a wide range of video formats, including HEVC, without needing additional codecs.
  • Keep Software Updated: Ensure both your media player and Windows 11 are up to date for the best performance.
  • Check File Integrity: If a file doesn’t play, it might be corrupted. Try with another HEVC file.
  • Explore Codec Packs: If you use other media players, installing codec packs like K-Lite can help.
  • Monitor Performance: HEVC can be resource-intensive. Make sure your computer’s hardware can handle it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HEVC format?

HEVC stands for High-Efficiency Video Coding. It’s a video compression standard that allows for high-quality video at smaller file sizes.

Why can’t I play HEVC files on Windows 11 by default?

Windows 11 doesn’t come with HEVC codecs pre-installed. You need to download them from the Microsoft Store or use a compatible media player.

Is there a free option for playing HEVC files?

Yes, VLC Media Player is a free option that supports HEVC files without needing additional codecs.

What if my HEVC file still doesn’t play?

Make sure your media player and codecs are up to date. If it still doesn’t work, the file may be corrupted.

Do I need special hardware to play HEVC files?

While most modern computers can handle HEVC, older systems might struggle. Ensure your hardware is up to date.


  1. Open Microsoft Store
  2. Search for HEVC Video Extensions
  3. Purchase and install HEVC Video Extensions
  4. Download a media player that supports HEVC
  5. Open your HEVC file


Playing HEVC files on Windows 11 is straightforward if you know what steps to take. By installing the necessary codecs and possibly using a versatile media player like VLC, you’ll be set up to enjoy high-quality videos in no time.

Remember, having the right tools makes all the difference. Keep your software updated and choose a reliable media player to get the best experience possible. If you encounter any issues, refer back to this guide or explore additional resources online. Happy watching!