How to Plan Multiple Stops on Google Maps: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning Multiple Stops on Google Maps

Planning multiple stops on Google Maps is a breeze! First, open the app or website and enter your starting point. Next, add your destination. To add more stops, simply click on the "+" button or "Add stop" feature, and input the additional locations. Finally, arrange the stops in the preferred order, and you’re ready to navigate your journey efficiently!

Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Multiple Stops on Google Maps

Planning a trip with several stops can be overwhelming, but Google Maps makes it simple. Follow these steps to ensure your journey is well-organized and stress-free.

Step 1: Open Google Maps

Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone or visit the website on your computer.
Make sure you’re connected to the internet, and the app is updated to the latest version for the best experience.

Step 2: Enter Your Starting Point

Type in your starting location in the search bar and select it from the suggested options.
You can use your current location by clicking the "Your location" button, which saves time if you’re starting your trip from where you are.

Step 3: Enter Your First Destination

In the search bar, type in your first stop and select it.
This could be a specific address, a landmark, or even a business name. Google Maps will recognize it and pin it on the map.

Step 4: Add Additional Stops

Click on the "+" button or "Add stop" feature to include more locations in your route.
You can add multiple stops, and each new location will be linked to the previous one, forming a continuous path.

Step 5: Arrange the Order of Your Stops

Rearrange the stops by clicking and dragging them into your desired order.
This flexibility allows you to customize your route and optimize your travel time.

Step 6: Start Navigation

Once all stops are added and arranged, click on "Start" to begin navigation.
Google Maps will provide turn-by-turn directions, ensuring you reach each destination smoothly.

After completing these steps, Google Maps will guide you through your planned route, providing real-time navigation and traffic updates, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish.

Tips for Planning Multiple Stops on Google Maps

  • Use the "Explore" feature to find popular attractions, restaurants, or gas stations along your route.
  • Save your route by signing into your Google account, making it easy to access later.
  • Utilize the "Offline maps" feature to download your route and ensure you have access even without internet.
  • Check live traffic updates to avoid delays and find alternate routes if needed.
  • Consider using Street View to familiarize yourself with unfamiliar stops before you begin your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many stops can I add on Google Maps?

You can add up to 9 stops in addition to your starting point and final destination.

Can I rearrange the order of my stops after adding them?

Yes, you can drag and drop stops to rearrange them in your preferred order.

Is it possible to save my planned route?

Yes, you can save your route by signing into your Google account and bookmarking it.

Can Google Maps provide alternate routes for my multi-stop trip?

Yes, Google Maps can suggest alternate routes, especially if there are traffic delays or road closures.

Can I use Google Maps offline for my multi-stop trip?

Yes, you can download your route using the "Offline maps" feature, which allows navigation without an internet connection.

Summary of Steps

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Enter your starting point.
  3. Enter your first destination.
  4. Add additional stops.
  5. Arrange the order of your stops.
  6. Start navigation.


Planning multiple stops on Google Maps is an incredibly useful skill, whether you’re embarking on a road trip, running errands, or navigating a complex delivery route. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that you reach each of your destinations efficiently and without hassle. Remember to utilize the tips and FAQs sections to make the most of your Google Maps experience. If you’re new to using Google Maps, practice with a few short routes to get the hang of it. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be planning multi-stop journeys like a pro in no time! For further reading, consider exploring more advanced features of Google Maps, such as custom maps and route optimization tools. Happy travels!