How to Mute a Word on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Seamless Browsing

Muting a word on Twitter is super easy and can help you avoid seeing certain topics or phrases in your feed. You just need to go into your settings, find the "Muted words" section, and add the words you want to mute. After doing this, you won’t see tweets containing those words in your notifications, timeline, or from people you don’t follow.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Mute a Word on Twitter

Alright, let’s break down how you can mute a word on Twitter. Following these steps will ensure you no longer see tweets containing the words you decide to mute.

Step 1: Open Twitter and Go to Settings

First, open your Twitter app and tap your profile icon to access the menu, then go to "Settings and Privacy."

This is where you can customize various parts of your Twitter experience. The "Settings and Privacy" menu is like the control center for your account.

Step 2: Navigate to Privacy and Safety

Next, click on "Privacy and Safety" from the settings menu.

This section contains all the options related to protecting your personal information and controlling what you see on Twitter.

Step 3: Find Muted Words

Scroll down and click on "Muted" and then "Muted words."

Here’s where you can add, view, and manage all the words or phrases you’ve chosen to mute. This makes it easy to adjust your list whenever you need to.

Step 4: Add a Word or Phrase

Tap the plus sign (+) to add a new word or phrase that you want to mute.

A box will pop up where you can type in the word or phrase you want to avoid. You can also choose to mute it from your home timeline, notifications, or both.

Step 5: Save Your Settings

Finally, after entering the word or phrase, hit "Save."

Once saved, Twitter will ensure that tweets containing these words will not appear in your notifications or timeline.

After completing these steps, you’ll notice that any tweet containing your muted words will no longer appear in your timeline or notifications from people you don’t follow. This should make your Twitter browsing a lot more pleasant and tailored to your preferences.

Tips for How to Mute a Word on Twitter

  • Be Specific: When adding words, be specific to avoid muting too much content.
  • Review Regularly: Periodically review your muted words to ensure they still fit your needs.
  • Mute Hashtags: You can also mute hashtags if specific trends or topics are annoying you.
  • Mute Phrases: Don’t limit yourself to single words; you can mute full phrases or sentences.
  • Check Notifications: Ensure you’ve muted words in both your timeline and notifications for full effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mute multiple words at once?

Unfortunately, you’ll need to add each word or phrase individually. It takes a bit more time, but it gives you better control over what you see.

Can I mute words on the desktop version of Twitter?

Yes, the steps are almost the same whether you’re using the mobile app or desktop version. Just access your settings and follow the same process.

Will I still see tweets with muted words from people I follow?

No, muted words apply across the board, including tweets from people you follow and those you don’t.

Can I unmute words after I’ve muted them?

Absolutely! Just go back to the "Muted words" section, find the word you want to unmute, and delete it.

Does muting words affect promoted tweets?

Yes, promoted tweets containing your muted words will also be filtered out of your timeline and notifications.


  1. Open Twitter and go to Settings.
  2. Navigate to Privacy and Safety.
  3. Find Muted Words.
  4. Add a Word or Phrase.
  5. Save Your Settings.


Muting a word on Twitter is a handy tool to make your social media experience more enjoyable. Whether you want to avoid spoilers, political content, or just certain annoying phrases, muting words can help you gain more control over what you see on your feed. Remember to be specific with your muted words and review them regularly to keep your Twitter experience just the way you like it.

So, next time something bothers you on Twitter, don’t stress—just mute it! Happy tweeting, and may your feed be filled with only things you love seeing.