How to Get Reviews on Google: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting reviews on Google is a vital part of any business’s online presence. It can help you stand out in search results and build trust with potential customers. But how do you get those coveted stars and comments? Let’s dive in and find out.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Get Reviews on Google

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about why these steps are important. Following these steps will help you increase your Google reviews, which can boost your search engine rankings and give customers more confidence in your business.

Step 1: Set up a Google My Business account

If you haven’t already, create a Google My Business account. This is where your reviews will live.

Setting up a Google My Business account is free and straightforward. It’s the foundation for getting reviews because it’s where Google collects them. Make sure your business information is accurate and complete, including your address, phone number, and business hours.

Step 2: Ask for reviews

Don’t be shy—ask your customers to leave a review after they’ve made a purchase or used your service.

Asking for reviews can be as simple as sending a follow-up email thanking customers for their business and including a direct link to your Google My Business review form. You can also ask in person or through social media. Just remember to be polite and not too pushy.

Step 3: Make it easy to leave a review

Give customers clear instructions on how to leave a review, and provide them with a direct link to your review page.

If customers have to search for where to leave a review, they’re less likely to do it. You can create a short, easy-to-remember URL that directs customers straight to your review page. Include this link in emails, on receipts, or in any follow-up communications.

Step 4: Respond to reviews

Show that you value customer feedback by responding to reviews, both positive and negative.

Responding to reviews demonstrates that you’re engaged and care about customer experience. Thank customers for positive reviews and address any issues raised in negative reviews. This can also help mitigate the damage from less-than-stellar feedback.

Step 5: Monitor your reviews

Regularly check your Google My Business account to keep track of new reviews and your overall rating.

Monitoring your reviews lets you stay on top of what people are saying about your business. It can also provide valuable insights into areas for improvement. Plus, it’s always a good feeling to see those positive reviews roll in!

After you’ve completed these actions, you’ll hopefully start to see more reviews appearing on your Google My Business page. This can lead to more visibility in search results and a stronger reputation online.

Tips for Getting Reviews on Google

  • Make sure your Google My Business page is claimed and verified. This adds legitimacy to your business and allows you to manage your information and respond to reviews.
  • Encourage reviews by offering excellent customer service. Happy customers are more likely to leave positive reviews.
  • Utilize signage in your physical location, if you have one, reminding customers to leave a review.
  • Consider running a promotion where customers can receive a small discount or other incentive for leaving a review.
  • Train your employees to understand the importance of reviews and how to encourage them without being too pushy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important are Google reviews for my business?

Google reviews can significantly impact your business’s online presence, affecting your search engine ranking and customer trust.

Can I remove negative reviews from my Google My Business account?

You can’t remove reviews just because they’re negative. However, if a review violates Google’s policies, you can flag it for removal.

Should I offer incentives for customers to leave reviews?

Offering incentives can be a delicate balance. It’s important not to violate Google’s policies, which discourage review gating and biased reviews.

What if a customer leaves a false or misleading review?

If you believe a review is fake or violates Google’s review policies, you can flag it for review by Google.

Can I leave a review for my own business?

Leaving a review for your own business is against Google’s policies and could harm your business’s credibility.


  1. Set up a Google My Business account.
  2. Ask for reviews from customers.
  3. Make it easy to leave a review.
  4. Respond to reviews.
  5. Monitor your reviews.


In today’s digital age, Google reviews are like gold dust for businesses. They’re a direct line to understanding what customers think and a powerful tool for attracting new ones. By following the steps outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to building a strong collection of reviews on Google. Remember to be patient, persistent, and always provide exceptional service. It’s all about creating an experience that customers can’t wait to share with others.

And remember, while it’s important to focus on getting reviews on Google, it’s equally important to ensure you’re delivering a product or service that’s worth raving about. So go ahead, give your customers something to talk about, and watch those reviews roll in!