How to Get GIF Wallpaper on Windows 11: Step-by-Step Guide to Customize Your Desktop

Getting a GIF wallpaper on Windows 11 is easier than you might think! All it takes is downloading a simple application, choosing your favorite GIF, and setting it as your wallpaper. You can breathe new life into your desktop with just a few quick steps. Let’s dive in!

How to Get GIF Wallpaper on Windows 11

Adding a GIF wallpaper to your Windows 11 desktop will make your screen come alive with motion. Follow these steps, and you’ll be watching your favorite GIF loop in no time.

Step 1: Download Lively Wallpaper

You’ll need to download and install Lively Wallpaper from the Microsoft Store.

Open the Microsoft Store app, search for "Lively Wallpaper," and click on "Install." This application is free and provides an easy way to set GIFs as your wallpaper.

Step 2: Open Lively Wallpaper

Launch the application from your Start menu.

Once Lively Wallpaper is open, you’ll see a user-friendly interface that lets you add and manage animated wallpapers.

Step 3: Add Your GIF

Click on the "Add Wallpaper" button and select "Browse" to upload your chosen GIF file.

Make sure your GIF is saved on your computer. Navigate to its location, click on it, and then select "Open." This will add the GIF to Lively Wallpaper’s library.

Step 4: Set the GIF as Your Wallpaper

Select the GIF from Lively Wallpaper’s library and click "Apply."

Your desktop will now display the animated GIF as your wallpaper. Enjoy the new look!

Step 5: Customize Settings

Adjust the settings to ensure the GIF runs smoothly and doesn’t impact your system’s performance.

Lively Wallpaper offers options to tweak how the GIFs are displayed, such as frame rate and playback speed. Experiment with these settings to find what works best for you.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your desktop will have a lively new look! The GIF will loop continuously, making your screen more dynamic and fun.

Tips for Getting GIF Wallpaper on Windows 11

  • Choose High-Quality GIFs: Higher resolution GIFs will look better on your desktop.
  • Check Performance: Make sure the GIF doesn’t slow down your computer. You can adjust settings in Lively Wallpaper for better performance.
  • Keep It Simple: Avoid overly complex GIFs that can be distracting or hard on the eyes.
  • Update Regularly: Keep Lively Wallpaper updated to ensure you have the latest features and bug fixes.
  • Experiment: Try different GIFs to see what adds the most flair to your desktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any GIF as my wallpaper on Windows 11?

Yes, you can use any GIF as long as it’s saved to your computer and compatible with Lively Wallpaper.

Will using a GIF wallpaper slow down my computer?

It can if the GIF is too large or the settings are too high. Adjust the settings in Lively Wallpaper to optimize performance.

Is Lively Wallpaper free?

Yes, Lively Wallpaper is free to download and use from the Microsoft Store.

Can I use multiple GIFs as wallpapers?

Lively Wallpaper allows you to switch between different GIFs, but only one can be set as the wallpaper at a time.

Do I need an internet connection to use GIF wallpapers?

No, once you’ve downloaded Lively Wallpaper and your GIF, you don’t need an ongoing internet connection to use them.


  1. Download Lively Wallpaper.
  2. Open Lively Wallpaper.
  3. Add your GIF.
  4. Set the GIF as your wallpaper.
  5. Customize settings.


Setting a GIF wallpaper on Windows 11 adds a touch of personality and flair to your desktop. With Lively Wallpaper, it’s a breeze to bring your screen to life. Whether you choose a calming animation or something more dynamic, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your computer’s performance, and tweak the settings as needed. This ensures that your animated wallpaper doesn’t become a burden on your system.

If you’re into customizing your workspace, try switching up your GIFs every now and then to keep things fresh. And if you run into any issues, Lively Wallpaper’s community is a great resource for finding solutions and getting new ideas.

Happy customizing! Your desktop is now ready for a touch of animated magic.