how to find and replace in word 2013

How to Find and Replace in Word 2013

Learning how to find and replace in Word 2013 can be immensely helpful when you are editing or proofreading a document. While the spelling and grammar checker on the Review tab can help to fix a lot of problems in a typical document, it can be problematic when you have spelled a word correctly, but … Read more

how to remove page breaks in word 2013

How to Remove Page Breaks in Word 2013

Typically Microsoft Word documents will naturally start a new page as the empty space on the page is filled with content. However, you might find that you need to remove page breaks in Word if new pages seem to be starting in random locations. Fortunately it is possible to delete a page break in Word … Read more

check mark in word 2013

Check Mark in Word – How to Add One

Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, and Powerpoint give you ways to add a lot of different things to your document. This can include objects like images or tables, but it can also include symbols. This article shows you how to add a check mark in Powerpoint, but you may need to add one to a … Read more

how to add filler or placeholder text in word 2013

How to Add Filler Text in Word 2013

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to present a rough draft of a document or project, but none of the content for that project has been created, then you can use filler text as a placeholder until the content has been created. You may have previously copied and pasted this … Read more