how to change the firefox downloads folder

How to Change the Firefox Downloads Folder

It’s pretty common to download files as you browse the Internet. Whether it’s a file attachment to an email, a PDF from school, or a new application or game that you want to try out, odds are likely that a file from the Internet will make its way to your hard drive. Most Web browsers … Read more

how to set the default search engine in firefox

How to Set the Default Search Engine in Firefox

While you may be accustomed to browsing to a search engine’s page directly to search for something (such as or many modern Web browsers will also let you search for something by simply typing the search term into the address bar at the top of the field. But you may find that Firefox … Read more

how to install updates automatically in firefox

How to Enable Automatic Updates in Firefox

Like many of the other applications you use on your phone and computer, your Web browsers will periodically receive updates that add features, improve performance, and fix security issues. Many applications will let you wait for a while to install these updates, and will only force them if something is critical. But some applications can … Read more

how to show the menu bar in firefox

How to Show the Menu Bar in Firefox

There have been a handful or popular ways to navigate in the programs and applications on your computer, one of which involved a series of links at the top of the window. You could click one of those links, which would expand a number of different options that could be useful in that program. Many … Read more

how to bookmark a web page in firefox on an iphone

How to Create a Bookmark in the Firefox iPhone App

Physical bookmarks are very useful because many of us aren’t able to remember exactly what page we left off at when reading. Bookmarks in Web browsers mirror this functionality by allowing us to save particular Web pages that we have visited. Whether the page was very useful, or we simply didn’t have enough time to … Read more