how to download purchased tv episodes to oyur ipad 2

How to Download a Purchased TV Show to Your iPad 2

iTunes has become a very simple application to use over the years, and that is due largely in part to its’ availability and accessibility from a number of different devices. Whether you are using your computer, your iPad, your iPhone or an Apple TV, it is a fairly simple process to purchase a TV show … Read more

HP Pavilion g6-2218nr front

HP Pavilion g6-2218nr 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

Windows 8 is an exciting new operating system because it represents a radical departure from the standard Windows experience that we have come to expect for the past decade. While you still have the option of switching to Desktop mode and getting a comparable experience to Windows 7, the default Metro option is meant to … Read more

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how to use a 24 hour clock on your macbook air

How to Use a 24-Hour Clock on Your MacBook Air

Depending upon your current location, personal preferences or current state of mind, you might want to display your clock in a different way than Apple and iOS think you should. One option that they give you for displaying your clock is a 24 hour format. This means that the clock will not use AM and … Read more