select the number of conversations per page

How to Show More Emails Per Page in Gmail

Last updated: April 2, 2019 If you are already using Gmail as your primary email account, then you are probably aware that it is one of the best free mail services that you can use. It is especially adept at handling large volumes of email, as it is able to leverage Google’s excellent searching functionality … Read more

how to print excel 2010 spreadsheet on one page

Make an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Fit On One Page

Last updated: March 20, 2019 Printers and printing can be frustrating, so it would be great if everyone would view spreadsheets, grids and other similar types of documents on their screen inside the Microsoft Excel program. However, that is an impractical solution for many situations, so you will often find yourself printing out the spreadsheets … Read more

how to download purchased tv episodes to oyur ipad 2

How to Download a Purchased TV Show to Your iPad 2

iTunes has become a very simple application to use over the years, and that is due largely in part to its’ availability and accessibility from a number of different devices. Whether you are using your computer, your iPad, your iPhone or an Apple TV, it is a fairly simple process to purchase a TV show … Read more

HP Pavilion g6-2218nr front

HP Pavilion g6-2218nr 15.6-Inch Laptop Review

Windows 8 is an exciting new operating system because it represents a radical departure from the standard Windows experience that we have come to expect for the past decade. While you still have the option of switching to Desktop mode and getting a comparable experience to Windows 7, the default Metro option is meant to … Read more

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