How to Make a Row Taller in Google Sheets

The height of a row in a spreadsheet can affect the amount of data that is visible. If it’s only a single line of numbers of text that uses the default font size, then you should be able to see everything without making any adjustments. But if you have multiple rows of data in a cell, or if you use a big font size, then parts of your data may not be visible.

Fortunately the row height is editable in Google Sheets, and you can even assign a manual value to that height. Our guide below will show you how to either enter a specific pixel value for the height, or how you can use a handle on the row number to visually set the height of the row.


How to Increase Row Height in Google Sheets

The steps in this article are going to show you how to change the height of a row in Google Sheets. While this guide is specifically going to show you how to change the height of a single row, you can apply the same method to multiple rows by selecting multiple rows instead of a single row in step 2.

Step 1: Sign into your Google Drive at and double-click the file containing the row for which you want to adjust the height.


Step 2: Click the row number at the left of the spreadsheet to select that row. You can select multiple rows by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking each row. Note that this will force you to make each row the same height. If you want to set different heights for different rows, then you need to do so individually.

click on the row number in google sheets



Step 3: Right-click a selected row, then choose the Resize row option.

how to resize row in google sheets



Step 4: Enter the desired height into the field at the center of the window, then click the OK button.

how to increase row height in google sheets



If you aren’t interested in setting a precise row height, you can change the row height by clicking on the bottom border of the row number and dragging it up or down.

how to change row height in google sheets



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