How to Find the Backrooms on Google Earth: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Find the Backrooms on Google Earth

Finding the Backrooms on Google Earth is a bit like embarking on a digital treasure hunt. While the Backrooms are a fictional, eerie maze from internet urban legends and not an actual place, some users enjoy the thrill of searching for spots that resemble these endless, creepy hallways. Here’s a quick overview: open Google Earth, zoom into various buildings, and explore indoor maps for areas that look like the Backrooms. Let’s dive in deeper to see how to do this step-by-step.

How to Find the Backrooms on Google Earth

In this section, you’ll learn how to navigate Google Earth to find areas that resemble the Backrooms. It’s all about having fun with the exploration and using some creativity.

Step 1: Open Google Earth

First, open Google Earth on your computer or mobile device.

Once Google Earth is loaded, you’ll have the entire globe at your fingertips. It’s essential to ensure that you’re using the latest version for the best experience.

Step 2: Search for Indoor Maps

Next, look for buildings with indoor maps by searching for large complexes like airports, shopping malls, or office buildings.

Indoor maps provide detailed floor plans that can sometimes look like the endless, confusing hallways described in the Backrooms. Use the search bar to type the name of a large complex and zoom in.

Step 3: Zoom In and Explore

Zoom into the building and start exploring the indoor maps.

As you navigate through the floors, keep an eye out for long, empty hallways or areas that could resemble the Backrooms. Use the 3D view and Street View features to enhance your search.

Step 4: Use Street View for Detailed Exploration

Activate Street View by dragging the yellow Pegman onto the map.

Street View lets you virtually walk through the hallways, giving you a closer look at the interiors. This feature is particularly useful for immersing yourself in the search.

Step 5: Take Screenshots or Notes

Take screenshots of any areas that closely resemble the Backrooms or make notes of your findings.

Documenting your discoveries helps you keep track of the spots you’ve found and can be shared with fellow enthusiasts. Plus, it’s always fun to look back at your exploration journey.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a collection of eerie, maze-like areas that mimic the Backrooms. Remember, the thrill is in the hunt, and there’s no right or wrong way to explore.

Tips for Finding the Backrooms on Google Earth

  • Use Large Complexes: Start with large buildings like airports and shopping malls. They often have confusing layouts.
  • Zoom Slowly: Take your time zooming in on different floors. The more thorough you are, the more likely you are to find interesting spots.
  • Street View is Your Friend: Utilize Street View for a ground-level perspective. It can reveal hidden hallways.
  • Share with Friends: Make it a fun activity by sharing your finds with friends. They might see something you missed.
  • Stay Patient: Finding the perfect Backrooms lookalike can take time. Enjoy the process and don’t rush.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Backrooms?

The Backrooms are a fictional, creepy maze of endless, empty rooms from internet urban legends. They represent a feeling of being trapped in an infinite, empty space.

Is it possible to actually find the Backrooms on Google Earth?

No, the Backrooms are not a real place. You can find locations that resemble the Backrooms, but it’s all for fun and exploration.

What buildings are best to search for the Backrooms?

Large complexes like airports, shopping malls, and office buildings are your best bet. They often have complex and detailed indoor maps.

How do I use Google Earth’s indoor maps?

Search for a building, zoom in, and look for the indoor maps option. You can then navigate through different floors and rooms.

Can I share my findings with others?

Absolutely! Take screenshots or notes and share them with friends or online communities that enjoy this kind of digital exploration.


  1. Open Google Earth.
  2. Search for indoor maps.
  3. Zoom in and explore.
  4. Use Street View for detailed exploration.
  5. Take screenshots or notes.


Exploring Google Earth for spots that resemble the Backrooms is a fun and engaging way to spend some time. While the Backrooms themselves are a product of internet folklore, the thrill lies in searching through various buildings and finding those eerie, empty hallways. Remember, it’s all about creativity and enjoyment. Whether you’re doing this solo or with friends, the journey is what counts. Now that you know how to find the Backrooms on Google Earth, why not give it a try? Dive into the digital world, explore, and see what mysterious corners you can uncover. Happy hunting!