How to Delete a Theme in WordPress

The lifespan of a WordPress site often involves the use of a number of different themes. As we gain experience with WordPress, and using our own site, it’s pretty common to find things that we don’t like, or that don’t work as we expect them to.

Installing a new theme that has the features you want can be very effective in improving the usage experience for your visitors. But there isn’t just one slot for a theme in your WordPress installation, and those old themes remain available to you in case you decide to switch back to them. Unfortunately these old themes can be a security risk, so it can be helpful to delete themes that you are no longer using. Fortunately this can be accomplished directly through the WordPress interface by following our tutorial below.


How to Delete an Unused Theme from Your WordPress Site

The steps in this article were performed in WordPress 4.9.3. This is going to show you how to delete a theme that is currently installed on your site, but is not the currently active theme. Assuming that you have the original zip folder that you used to download the theme, or that it is still available in the WordPress theme marketplace, you can always reinstall the theme in the future if you decide that you want to use it again. If you haven’t decided on a new theme yet, then check out the themes from Studiopress. The Genesis framework is very popular, and there are a number of excellent themes that you can use with it.

Step 1: Sign into the admin section of your WordPress site.


Step 2: Hover over the Appearance link in the left menu, then click the Themes option.

open the wordpress themes menu



Step 3: Hover over the theme that you want to delete, then select the Theme Details option.

open theme details



Step 4: Select the Delete button at the bottom-right corner of the theme window.

how to delete a theme in wordpress



Step 5: Click the OK button on your browser’s pop-up dialog box to confirm that you wish to delete the theme.

how to remove inactive theme from wordpress



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