show the ruler in word 2013

How to Show the Ruler in Word 2013

If you have been using Microsoft Word versions other than 2013, then you may have come to rely upon the ruler that appears above the document. The ruler can be used for several different functions, such as lining up columns or working with a table of contents. But the ruler is not a fixed part … Read more

click the "when selecting, always select entire word" option

How to Stop Selecting Entire Words in Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 has a feature where, if an entire word is already selected, it will automatically select any following words in their entirety. if you need to make a large selection then this can really make things faster. But if you need to select individual letters of a word instead of the entire word, … Read more

choose your folder

Change Where Microsoft Word 2010 Saves Your Documents

Windows 7 and Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Word, have default settings that correspond to where they think you should be saving files. These default settings actually make a lot of sense, as there are different folders for types of media that you might create, and they have extraordinarily simple names to remember, such … Read more