delete a slide in powerpoint 2013

How to Delete a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

Last updated: March 16, 2019 A presentation that you create in Powerpoint 2013 may undergo a number of changes from the initial draft. These changes may even force you to remove an entire slide from the presentation. But you may be having difficulty locating the tool or button that will allow you to remove an existing … Read more

select the picture to delete

How to Delete a Picture in Powerpoint 2013

Most Powerpoint users will incorporate images into their presentations, as a text-only slideshow can have difficulty holding the attention of the audience. But a picture that you have added to your slideshow may not convey the information, or achieve the effect, that you had initially hoped. So you will go back and delete that picture from … Read more

how to compress pictures in powerpoint 2013

Compressing Pictures in Powerpoint 2013

Hard drive capacity is continuously increasing on laptop and desktop computers, making storage space for your files a little easier to come by. But many email services still have file size limitations for their attachments, which can make it difficult for you to send large Powerpoint presentations through email. One way that you can reduce the … Read more