select number, then change decimal places to zero

How to Format UPC Codes in Excel

Excel is a great option for storing information about products that your company sells. But you may run into a problem where you need to learn how to format UPC codes in Excel, as it will commonly convert them so that they display as scientific notation. The data is still stored correctly in Excel, but … Read more

how to print all excel columns on one page

Prevent Extra Pages from Printing in Excel 2010

Excel documents are not primarily designed for printing, so it’s pretty common to encounter situations where a spreadsheet printout is kind of a mess. Whether all of your cell contents seem to run together, or column headers don’t print on anything but the first page, Excel’s default print settings need to be adjusted in most … Read more

how to print excel 2010 spreadsheet on one page

Make an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet Fit On One Page

Last updated: March 20, 2019 Printers and printing can be frustrating, so it would be great if everyone would view spreadsheets, grids and other similar types of documents on their screen inside the Microsoft Excel program. However, that is an impractical solution for many situations, so you will often find yourself printing out the spreadsheets … Read more