check the automatic calculation option

How to Turn On Automatic Calculation in Excel 2013

Formulas make it much simpler to compare and evaluate data in your Microsoft Excel 2013 workbooks. By creating a formula you can enable Excel to perform mathematical functions with the numbers that you have entered into your cells. But the calculation of those functions can be set to occur either automatically or manually, so you … Read more

click the show formulas button

How to Hide Formulas in Excel 2013

Formulas are one of the most useful features of Microsoft Excel, as it allows you to easily perform assorted operations on your data. Formulas can then be copied from single cells and applied to multiple cells, allowing you to quickly calculate a large number of mathematical operations that would take a long time to perform … Read more

turn off the paste options button

How to Hide the Paste Options Button in Excel 2010

When you paste data into a cell in Microsoft Excel 2010, it is usually accompanied with a Paste Options button that appears near the target cell. This button provides additional pasting options that will allow you to modify the way that the copied data is pasted into the new location. But this Paste Options button can … Read more

click the row number to repeat

How to Print a Row at the Top of Every Page in Excel 2010

Excel 2010 is a really great program for organizing and calculating data. But printing has never been something that was very easy to handle in spreadsheets, and the problem amplifies itself when you are dealing with multi-page spreadsheets that contain a lot of columns with similar-looking data. These situations can make a printed spreadsheet difficult … Read more