set the print area in excel 2013

How to Set the Print Area in Excel 2013

Excel spreadsheets can often be unruly documents that are best viewed on a computer monitor. But many situations call for a printed copy of a spreadsheet, which can be difficult if the spreadsheet is very large. But if only certain parts of the spreadsheet need to be printed, then you can make things a little … Read more

how to unmerge cells in excel 2010

How to Unmerge Cells in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010’s default state is a series of cells laid out in rows and columns of equal sizes. But as data is added to those cells and you begin to format that data to appear a certain way, you may find that you need to merge certain cells in order to achieve a specific … Read more

an enabled developer tab in excel 2007

Where is the Developer Tab in Excel 2007?

Microsoft Excel has a huge selection of tools and settings that you can use to accomplish a lot of things. One of the most useful elements of Excel, however, is the ability to create macros and automate certain processes. Macros are found on the Developer tab in Microsoft Excel 2007, but that tab is not … Read more

show the formula bar in excel 2013

Where is the Formula Bar in Excel 2013?

When reading tutorials online for Microsoft Excel 2013, you may occasionally some steps that ask you to do something with the Formula Bar. This is a horizontal field above your spreadsheet that displays the data contained within a cell. You can use this location to enter or edit data in your cells. The Formula Bar … Read more

remove the hyperlinks in excel 2013

How to Remove All Hyperlinks in Excel 2013

When you enter an address for a Web page into a cell in Microsoft Excel 2013, the program will automatically format that address as a hyperlink. This means that the data will be underlined, and a hyperlink will be added to it that, when clicked, will open that Web page in your default Web browser. … Read more