how to turn off chat in gmail

How to Turn Off Chat in Gmail

The Gmail interface can be a little intimidating to people that are new to the email service but, overtime, you become familiar with it and realize how powerful it can be. One of the features that you can use in Gmail is a chat feature that lets you communicate instantly with other people. These chats … Read more

how to change the default font in gmail

How to Change the Default Font in Gmail

Have you ever seen an email that you sent to someone on their phone or computer? The way that you see it on that device is the way that they see it, and you may find that you dislike the way your messages appear. Perhaps one of the biggest aesthetic parts of your emails is … Read more

how to stop displaying external images in gmail

How to Have Gmail Ask Before Displaying External Images

Many of the emails that you receive, particularly those from businesses and organizations, are going to be some form of marketing, advertising, or newsletter. These types of emails often contain images to make them more visually appealing and, ultimately, get you to click through to the sender’s website. Gmail will load these images by default, … Read more

how to add page numbers in google docs

How to Add Page Numbers to a Document in Google Docs

Page numbers are often a requirement when you submit a paper for your school or job, so determining how to add document page numbers becomes a necessity no matter which word processing application you use. Fortunately most word processing apps have this option, including Google Docs. Our guide below will show you how to insert … Read more

select the number of conversations per page

How to Show More Emails Per Page in Gmail

Last updated: April 2, 2019 If you are already using Gmail as your primary email account, then you are probably aware that it is one of the best free mail services that you can use. It is especially adept at handling large volumes of email, as it is able to leverage Google’s excellent searching functionality … Read more