how to change theme in Google Slides

How to Change the Theme in Google Slides

Google Slides provides you with a lot of tools to change the way that your slides look. Some of these tools let you customize each individual element of a slide, providing you with total control over every aspect of your presentation’s appearance. But Google Slides also has something called “themes” where a combination of existing … Read more

How to Rotate a Picture in Google Slides

Have you ever added a picture to your slideshow, only to discover that it’s upside down or sideways? This is fairly common and, luckily, it’s something that you can fix in Google Slides without needing to use another application. Our guide below will show you how to select a picture in your Google Slides presentation … Read more

How to Insert a YouTube Video in Google Slides

Presentations like those you create in Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint typically benefit from visual aids. Whether this is a chart, picture, or some other way to make your data more visually appealing, it can help to keep your audience entertained. One other way that you can accomplish this is to add a video to … Read more