How to Mute Audio in a Video in Google Slides

Adding a video to a presentation in Google Slides can make it easy for you to convey images and information that would be difficult or tedious to do with text. As demonstrated in the link above, it’s also quite easy when that video has already been uploaded to YouTube. But the most important part of … Read more

how to turn off a substitution in Google Slides

How to Disable a Substitution in Google Slides

There are some characters that you type into a document that you may want to adjust. These can include things like trademark symbols, copyright symbols, fractions and more. But if a substitution is occurring that you don’t want, then you mat want to disable a substitution in Google Slides. If you have ever tried to … Read more

how to insert a text box in Google Slides

How to Add a Textbox on Google Slides

Google Slides provides you with a customizeable layout to which you can add a variety of different objects. This includes things like pictures, objects, and text boxes. By incorporating combinations of these various elements you can typically create the information that you want to share or present to others. Perhaps the most commonly used object … Read more

how to make vertical slides in Google Slides

How to Make Google Slides Vertical

When you want to make Google Slides vertical, you need to adjust the orientation setting for your presentation. But if you’ve found the Page Setup menu in Google Slides, you may have discovered that there isn’t a default option that lets you switch to the portrait orientation. Fortunately you do have the option to create … Read more