how to clear fill color in google sheets

How to Remove Cell Shading in Google Sheets

Spreadsheets can be difficult to read when all of your cells contain similar types of information. if that information extends across many rows and columns, it can be very easy to overlook important data. One method that spreadsheet creators often use to draw your attention is the addition of fill color. This splash of color … Read more

how to freeze the top row in google sheets

How to Freeze the Top Row in Google Sheets

Scrolling through large amounts of data can be tedious and confusing, and the bigger your spreadsheet, the more likely you are to make a mistake by attributing information in a cell to the wrong column heading. This can lead to errors, which can be difficult to pinpoint later in your work. While labeling columns with … Read more

how to insert a column in google sheets

How to Insert a Column in Google Sheets

When you first create a spreadsheet you probably have a general idea of the information you need, and what will be included in the sheet. But over time the spreadsheet may evolve to need additional information, or you might discover that you can discern some valuable data from what you have already added to the … Read more