how to add a comment in google docs

How to Add a Comment in Google Docs

Collaborating on a document can be difficult when there are multiple people all working in the same file. People will make changes or edits to part of the document, any others might not even know that anything was changed. This can be difficult to handle, and can often result in a disjointed final product. One … Read more

how to add a column in google docs

How to Add a Column in Google Docs

New documents that you create in Google Docs will have one column by default. This means that typing in the document body will involve filling the text area horizontally with the words that you are typing. But occasionally, such as when you are writing something for a newspaper, newsletter, or flyer, you may have the … Read more

how to insert a link in google docs

How to Add a Hyperlink in Google Docs

It’s quite common for documents to reference or mention a Web page. Whether this is identifying the source of information included in the document, or simply pointing out a useful site that contains additional information on the topic, including a link to a Web page will let your readers click on that link and read … Read more

how to add page numbers in google docs

How to Add Page Numbers to a Document in Google Docs

Page numbers are often a requirement when you submit a paper for your school or job, so determining how to add document page numbers becomes a necessity no matter which word processing application you use. Fortunately most word processing apps have this option, including Google Docs. Our guide below will show you how to insert … Read more